16 Carcinogenic Foods That You Eat Every Day

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Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

If you don’t smoke, drink alcohol in moderation, and are careful with your use of chemicals around the home, you may think that you have reduced your risk for developing cancer significantly. However, what you may not realize is that some of the foods you eat daily are carcinogenic. That meal you had at lunch, the snack you’re planning to have later, or that beverage you’re drinking right now might just give you cancer.

Unhealthy habits are not the only causes of cancer. Foods nowadays go through so much processing that they too are cancerous. Additives, chemicals, and artificial substances are added to these foods for flavoring and to extend their shelf life – but at what cost?

Cancer is on the rise. The number of cancer cases worldwide is expected to increase to 75 percent by 2030. In 2008, there were 12.7 million reported cases of cancer. Based on the current trends, a report on the Lancet Oncology journal predicts this will jump to 22.2 million new cases of cancer by 2030.

You can reduce your odds if you learn to avoid cancer-causing foods. Here are 16 of the worst offenders.

1. Non-organic fruit and vegetables

Fresh produce is rich in antioxidants. What many people do not realize is that some of the pesticides used to spray fruits and vegetable crops cause cancer. There is certainly evidence to suggest that pesticide exposure increases the risk of tumor development which affects the brain, breast, and prostate, as well as lymphoma and leukemia. Some pesticides are now banned for this very reason, but others with carcinogenic properties are still in use.

Every year, the Environmental Working Group publishes a list of produce that contain the highest levels of pesticide residues. This year’s report highlighted that apples, strawberries, peaches, grapes, celery, and spinach give you the largest doses of pesticides. Even more alarming is the fact that less than 21 percent of all pesticides sold in the United States have been tested for their carcinogenic effects. The rest have not yet been evaluated. Furthermore, 45 of the pesticides approved for food are linked to cancer in animals, which makes them more likely to cause cancer in humans.

Some sources would recommend washing produce before eating but it has been proven that they may still contain pesticide residues, even after washing and peeling. This is because some chemicals are resistant to breakdown and will remain in food crops for a long time. Research shows that prolonged exposure to the pesticide residues found in non-organic fruits and vegetables increases the risk for different cancers.

If you want to continue incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet without increasing your risks for cancer, go organic. Organic produce contain little to no traces of these cancer-causing pesticides. It is also recommended to wash and lightly scrub your organic produce before consumption to reduce their pesticide content.

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  • Greg Gebhardt

    The people that control what we eat are all now way to political. People no longer trust the government and I can not blame them. You young people have all been dipped in the liberal socailist union run educational system producing good little worker bees but so stupid to can not make choices for yourself!

  • Grandma

    So to be healthy, everything we consume should be organic. Since they are very expensive, only those people who can afford to pay for it we’ll be OK. Rest of us who cant afford it, will suffer and die from cancer. Or die from starvation. Those are the only choices poor people have??? Oh please!!!

  • celiayounger

    WELL very simple explanation. !.no all can tomatoes have BPA, AND MANY OTHER CANS HAVE THIS TOXIC BPA FILM only the cans with a white film or the covers with a white film (store receipts, plastics etc also contain BPA) THE BEST IS buy GLASS AND IF ALL POSSIBLE ORGANIC. 2. organic, grass fed meat , Milk it is ok, the same with eggs, 3. peanuts and cashews have a microfungus that is very toxic to the liver… therefore they are full with toxic pesticides/(antifungal). 4. whole wheat bread ARE GMO’S 96%-98% OF THE USA WHEAT IS GMO… so any food containing it… is GMO. BUY ONLY ORGANIC. the same for soy, cotton and canola oil, animals are given GMO foods, antibiotics, hormone, etc etc…. sweet red beets and sugar GMO. PAPAYA, FARMED SALMON, zucchini green and yellow ….AND 200 OTHER FOODS ARE GMO’S they don’t want to give us their list. probably potatoes and tomatoes etc. any food containing GMO its bad food toxic and poisonous to our bodies. Buy organic or grow yourself. Buy from farmers (even if they do not produce organic can ask them if their products contain pesticides and other chemicals and they are REALLT NATURAL, watch this word because now many companies say their food is natural and it doesn’t have the same meaning for them that for us. to them natural mean they are not crated by men, they are not plastic or… artificially made. it doesn’t mean they ARE HEALTHY CLEAN WITH NO ANTIBIOTICS NOR PESTICIDES OR HORMONS OR…. herbicides or..etc

  • celiayounger

    ah, and gree/red/yellow peppers! are GMO

  • kingsb101

    whoever says a idiotic thing like ‘air is carcinogenic’ is a fool. man made synthetic pesticides and petrochemicals damage the human body and destroy the environment. And the ones here who claim that there are no health benefits to reducing exposure to pesticides, artificial colorants, preservatives, growth hormones are ignorant or benefit financially from big industrial agriculture. eat whatever you want but dont try to tell me that eating foods that are non GMO, organic or locally grown is a waste of time and money. There is not a single scientist or doctor on the planet that understands the human immune system and why our bodies react the way they do. Immune system disorders are a massive problem with many environmental causes. I would rather air on the side of caution and feed myself and my family a more natural diet and limit exposure to toxins and other questionable substances.

  • SunnyDays

    LOOK THIS UP! Some scientists believe all forms of cancer can be cured simply by starving your body OF ALL SUGAR! Cancer grows and stays alive on sugar! Starve your body of sugar, cancer dies. This is worth researching! I wouldn’t doubt it, but I’m not a doctor.

  • JoeD

    It’s not the fact that their processed that makes them carcinogenic for Chirst sake! All food is processed to some degree. It’s what’s IN the meat that is the problem. Good grief. And non-organics? Give me a break! News flash! Organic foods use pesticides!!!!!!!! http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/science-sushi/httpblogsscientificamericancomscience-sushi20110718mythbusting-101-organic-farming-conventional-agriculture/

  • Jase McMillan

    Organic fruit and veg are carcinogenic just the same as non organic with many of the pesticides used by the organic industry being just as bad as conventional use but still allowed to use by organic farming. You need to rewrite that there old bean!


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