16 Carcinogenic Foods That You Eat Every Day

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Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

If you don’t smoke, you drink alcohol in moderation and you are careful with your use of chemicals around the home, you may think that you have reduced your risk of cancer significantly. However, what you may not realize is that some of the foods we eat daily are carcinogenic. Here are 16 of the worst offenders.

1. Non-organic fruit and vegetables

Although fresh produce is rich in antioxidants, many people do not appreciate that some of the pesticides used to spray fruit and vegetable crops are cancer-causing. There is certainly evidence to suggest that pesticide exposure increases the risk of tumors affecting the brain, breast and prostate as well as lymphoma and leukemia. Some pesticides are now banned for this very reason, but others with carcinogenic properties are still in use. The Environmental Working Group publishes a list of produce that contain the highest levels of pesticide residues, which this year highlighted that apples, strawberries, peaches, grapes, celery and spinach give you the largest dose of pesticides. If you only buy a small amount of organic produce, make sure you include the items mentioned above to protect your body cells from cancerous changes.

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  • FoolCount

    You know what else is extremely carcinogenic? Air. It contains oxygen, which causes oxidation, which causes cancer. If we did not breath oxygen, we would not need to consume all those cancer-fighting anti-oxidants to protect ourselves from cancer. Another extremely carcinogenic thing – daylight. Photons from the sun can damage DNA in our skin and retina cells leading to cancer. Wait, that is not all. Don’t even get me started about another cancer-causing killer – water. Not only does it dissolve all kinds of cancer-causing chemicals (including that very dangerous oxygen), but it also turns those molecules into electric-charge-carrying ions, making them so much more carcinogenic. And last, but not least, among lifestyle choices increasing our chances of getting cancer – reading that very website. It increases biochemical processes in neurons of our brains, in particular synthesis of various neurotransmitters, which requires enzymes, which in turn require DNA templates to be produced, which DNA needs replication, of which every act has a potential to introduce cancer-causing mutations into our genome. Not a full list, of course.

    • cpinva

      oh, it gets even better! did you know that every food we eat, whether it’s organic or non-organic, is genetically modified, every.single.one. that’s because humans have spent the past 10,000 years or so painstakingly modifying every type of vegetable, cereal, grain, fruit and livestock that we consume, to make them stronger, mature faster, grow better in poor soil, be insect resistant, less fatty, etc., etc., etc.
      in other words, humans have been practicing GMO since they first started farming and animal husbandry, it’s nothing new.

      • Kyrani Eade

        And it gets even better!
        Cancer is a highly specialized immune system organ with a vast number of different cell types including many normal immune system cells and stromal cells (the normal connective tissues of all organs) AND it’s own blood supply! And they are trying to tell us WHAT? That such sophistication arises out of damage! Man just take your sledgehammer to your car engine and it will transform itself into a racing car or even a Batmobile!

  • Heliph Giva

    “In fact, in Japan where there is the highest concentration of people taking highly salted and smoked foods, the rates of stomach cancer is greater than in any other countries in the world.” – Yet, they have the longest life span LOL. Fail….

  • AgainstAnimalTesting

    So whatever causes Cancer is a different topic – why the hell are the authorities testing these on animals – why are you forcing diseases on them! Most of your points say tested on animals but not proven on humans! Shameful, Cruel and Disgusting!

  • Bionic Merlin

    BPA is not a preservative, it is an ingredient in plastic and the plastic lining of cans, and is generally being removed from everything. It is a bad idea to eat much soy oil, this is an estrogen imitator regardless of whether it’s organic or not.

  • Ally Cat

    This is just total scaremongering rubbish!

  • Corolla Sedan

    Without going into academic jungle,there is some good statements in this spooky article.What world should know,that cancer is not cancer it is fungal infection and it does not spread it is everywhere,with every breath we take we inhale more fungus then USA debt,but problem is when we eat fungal foods or foods which fuel candida,which is your mother of almost any disease then you may get all this fancy diagnostic names diseases .You cant kill candida as fungus is seed of life,you can only control it with non fungal diet and environment.If whole world does this then doctors and medical scientists will be sweeping streets for crust and whole world economy will collapse.Why media never reports about Chemtrails.Google borax conspiracy,that should open your eyes.

    • Maggie

      Well said. You are absolutely right. And if we don’t do something about how we ruin our food we will continue to weaken our immune systems therefore being unable to maintain the natural balance we require to stay healthy. There is so much we do wrong to our food supply that we have forgotten what good nutritious food is. Our bodies are telling us now. Cancer is not a disease, it’s an alarm from our bodies telling us to clean up what we are doing. Eat food, not chemicals, eat seasonally don’t demand to have everything at all times. The wrong people are deciding how our food is grown and what food dominates our diet. The decision makers are those making money from it. We shouldn’t be eating so much dairy and wheat. Everything in moderation is a good rule, but it doesn’t make as much money. Consumers have the real power but we don’t use it. Instead we (not me!) line up at bloody Maccas and get fed as much poison as we can take for $2.50. What food costs $2.50? None. It’s not food, it’s chemicals and it makes money. But we let it happen!

  • Alana Smith

    Well it’s true, trouble is our government departments that could rule they must be labelled as being sprayed with these carcinogenics so we can make a choice and work towards changes being made – big money speaks and big brother refuses to support the people, so you have the knowledge just use it carefully as you possible can.

  • Chris Reich

    Badly out of date. Research nitrates and you’ll find that the body produces more nitrates when we eat vegetables than there are contained the worst processed meats. This processed meat thing comes from the quack Oz.

  • steve breeze

    what a load of bullshit…….as a speices we are living longer ??????

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