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Six Sugar Alternatives That Are All Natural

Photo credit: Dino Giordano / Flickr

Are you trying to cut back on your sugar intake? If so, you may have explored the world of alternative sweeteners. While some people who want to add a touch of sweetness to their meals turn to artificial sweeteners such as Splenda or Nutrasweet, others prefer to avoid these synthetic products and opt for a more natural approach. If you’re …

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Five “Healthy” Snacks That Aren’t

Photo credit: fling93 / Flickr

Navigating that snack aisle at a grocery store or convenience store in search of a fast and convenient snack that’s healthy can be a challenge. The majority of the packaged snacks you see on the shelves of your supermarket are high in calories, fat, sugar, or sodium. Even some of the so called “healthy” snacks when scrutinized turn out to …

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