10 Simple Ways to Cut 100 Calories from Your Diet

Photo credit: Michael May / Flickr
Photo credit: Michael May / Flickr

4. Choose ham instead of pepperoni

Pizzas are already high in calories, but adding calorific toppings like pepperoni significantly increases the amount of fat and extra calories you are consuming. Choose lower fat toppings like ham and pineapple, rather than high fat toppings like pepperoni and ground beef, and you could save yourself up to 200 calories.

5. Buy skimmed milk

One glass of whole milk contains almost 100 calories more than the same sized glass of skimmed milk. Using skimmed milk on your cereal and in your drinks can save you 100-150 calories a day with very little effort.

6. Drink filter coffee

Meeting up with friends for a coffee is an enjoyable pastime, but popular drinks like latte and mocha coffee drinks can contain anything from 200-600 calories. Even a regular cappuccino can contain as much as 100 calories. Filter coffee contains less than 5 calories. Choosing filter coffee can save you 100-600 calories.

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