12 Easy Ways to Add More Fruits and Vegetables to Your Diet

Photo credit: Mike65444 / Flickr
Photo credit: Mike65444 / Flickr

It’s a well known fact that most Americans don’t get the recommended nine daily servings of fruit and vegetables each day. This is unfortunate since a diet rich in fruit and vegetables has been shown to protect against a variety of chronic disease including heart disease and various cancer. The abundant antioxidants present in fruits and vegetables are also thought to help delay the aging process.

With all of these incredible health benefits, why aren’t we eating more fruits and vegetables? More and more people are leading busy, chaotic lives which leaves little
time for them to enjoy a healthy, well balanced meal. Plus, many Americans admit to not favoring the taste of vegetables. Remember President Bush and his strong dislike of broccoli?
Fortunately, there are ways to painlessly add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Here are some suggestions:

1. Cut up a variety of fresh vegetables in the morning such as cucumbers, carrots, and celery. Take them to work along with a container of low fat dip for a quick snack.

2. Drink a quick serving size can of vegetable juice everyday with your meal or as a quick pick me up during the day. You can also purchase a juicer and make your own fresh vegetable and fruit juices.

3. Add fresh fruit to a small container of low fat yogurt for a healthy and nutritious snack that’s rich in vitamin c and calcium.

4. When you grab that sandwich or burger on the run, tell them to add extra lettuce and tomato to your sandwich. Substitute a salad in place of the French fries that come with your order.

5. For a healthy dessert, place seedless grapes in the freezer as a popsicle substitute. You can also buy popsicle molds and make your own popsicles out of fruits that have been pureed in the blender.

6. Add fresh fruit to your cereal or oatmeal in the morning. Blueberries, strawberries, and bananas all taste wonderful in breakfast cereal.

7. Instead of eating plain eggs in the morning, add spinach, tomatoes, and chopped vegetables to create a antioxidant rich omelet.

8. For a quick pick me up, blend fresh fruits with a little low fat milk in your blender to create a delicious smoothie.

9. When you go to a restaurant, substitute the vegetable of the day for the starch served with your entrée.

10. Substitute fruit juice in place of your daily soft drinks.

11. Instead of eating a calorie laden dessert, prepare a bowl of fresh berries and top it off with a dollop of fat free whipped topping.

12 Substitute a veggie burger for your usual hamburger. Be sure to add lots of lettuce, tomato, and sprouts.
Now that you know so many delicious ways to add fruits and vegetables to your diet, why not give these ideas a try?

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