13 Things In Your Fridge That Need To Be Tossed

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Although it is true that the refrigerator is an amazing appliance because it extends the life of food, storing food in your fridge for more than 4 days, is an absolute no-no. Cleaning out your fridge not only means food you keep in it will last longer but it can also improve your eating habits and in turn encourage you to eat healthier food and also, it won’t stink as bad. So more than just cleaning out your fridge for the sake of cleaning, here are 13 things in your fridge that you need to toss out for a healthier lifestyle!

1. Opened Cans

If you check your fridge right now, there’s probably an opened can of tuna in there, or perhaps an opened can of processed fruit or veggies, or even canned meat or spreads. Canned anything will always be in someone’s fridge! The worst part is, the smell is going to start spreading in your fridge if these cans have been left open for a while and trust me, nobody wants a smelly fridge. It can be pretty off-putting especially if you have guests around.  This is already a given but let’s just put it out there anyway, if you want to store canned food in the fridge transfer it into a sealed container. If you have opened cans of food in the fridge even if you’ve only been keeping it in there for 3 days, toss it! Studies show that there are harmful components in the can that mixes with the food, and it can also give food that “metal” taste, which no one likes, so if you have these in the fridge, toss it now!

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