15 Exercises That Will Transform Your Body

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

2. Burpees

No, it’s not the gas that comes out of your mouth after a full meal. Burpees are much like squats in that they work out your entire body – only better. It is so effective at transforming the body, that it has become a staple among soldiers, fighters, and cross-fitters throughout the years. You can do it anywhere too since it doesn’t require equipment. Burpees increase physical stamina, improve endurance, and promote heart health.

Benefits: Burpees is a full-body exercise that works out every muscle in the body with each repetition. It builds your arms, chest, butt, thighs, and core muscles. Because it pushes multiple muscle groups, you get to burn more calories in a shorter span of time compared to isolation exercises which are limited to one muscle group. When performed faster and with greater intensity, you get to burn even more calories with burpees!

It can benefit your everyday life as well. Burpees encourage functional fitness so you can perform daily activities much easier. Made to condition the body for sports and extreme activities, it will surely strengthen your heart and improve your stamina and endurance. Another good thing about burpees is that they’re never boring. You can incorporate it to whatever workout routine.

How to do it: Stand with your feet at shoulder width distance. Lower your body into a squatting position then place your hands in front of you. With hands flat on the floor, kick back your feet into a push up position. Perform one quick push up. Afterwards, pull your feet back into a squatting position. Stand up, extend your arms overhead, then jump into the air. Do as many repetitions as you can within 1 minute.

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