20 Drinks You Should Never Drink Again

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

2. French Press Coffee

Why it’s bad for you: Also known as the cafetière, it offers a rich coffee-drinking experience which combines bitter flavors with viscous texture. Unfortunately, it isn’t as healthy as other types of coffee. The plunger mechanism doesn’t effectively remove cafestol and kahweol, two fatty lipids normally found in coffee. Studies have shown that too much of these lipids increases “bad” cholesterol and raises your risk for heart disease.

Another problem with cafetière is its high caffeine content. Each cup has about 100 mg. Excessive intake of caffeine causes a surge in homocysteine, an amino acid that triggers heart attack. You only need 5 cups of cafetière every day for two weeks to raise your homocysteine levels by up to 10 percent.

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