3 Office Yoga Positions for Stress and Anxiety Relief

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

If work is proving too much to handle at any point in your day, it’s time to take a break and clear your head. The good news is, you don’t even need to get up from your chair to do that. Do these office yoga positions on your breaks and feel the stress and anxiety melt away.

Office Yoga 1: Seated Mountain Position

Slumping in front of the computer for an extended period will put a lot of strain in the lower back, causing poor posture, back pain, and misalignment of the spine. The seated mountain position helps straighten the back and alleviate pain.

As you sit on your chair, level your knees and feet about hip-width apart. Rest your palms on your thighs and roll your pelvis slightly forward. Do not jut your chest or chin forward; this position should lengthen your spine. Close your eyes, relax your shoulders and jaws. Start doing your breathing exercises; breathe deeply through your nostrils for several minutes.

Office Yoga 2: The Neck Stretch Position

Going through stress and anxiety at work actually puts a lot of strain on the neck and shoulders. Why? These areas of the upper body tend to instinctively tense up when we’re caught in a stressful situation. The neck stretch position will release the tension from the neck and shoulders and improve your posture.

In this position, remain in the seated mountain position and inhale deeply. As you exhale, lower your chin towards your chest slowly. Roll your head to the right slowly as you inhale and then roll your head back and look up as you exhale. Roll your head to the left, inhale slowly, and then repeat to the right. Do 3 reps of each position (left and right head roll).

Once the reps are done, extend your left hand slightly to the left. Now, pretend that the tips of your left fingers are pressing on an invisible chair next to you. Lean your head back to the right and gently put your right hand over the left side of your head to achieve a deeper stretch. Maintain this position for 4 long breaths then switch to the opposite side.

Office Yoga 3: The Seated Spinal Twist

In yoga, the manipura chakra—the chakra connected to your self-image—is located in the navel. If too much energy is built up in this area, the body would feel sluggish, the stomach won’t be able to function properly, and you will eventually lose your drive to enjoy life.

Adopt the seated spinal twist position to office yoga. Sit sideways on your chair and inhale. This should lengthen your spine. Twist and grab the edge of your chair’s back with your hands as you exhale. Loosen up the muscles in the neck and shoulders and stay in this position for up to 10 long breaths.

Start with the initial position and twist to the other side. For those with chronic back problems or have disk problems, consult your physician first before doing this position.

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