4 Reasons Why People Want to Lose Weight

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

People have different reasons why they want to lose weight. Some just want to stay healthy, others want to improve the quality of their lives. In severe cases, they have to lose weight in order to save their lives. We’ve seen so many success stories of morbidly obese individuals able to shed 100 to 200 pounds naturally.

Losing weight isn’t just about winning the battle of the bulge, it’s all about overcoming one’s inner struggles. In today’s post, we are listing down the most common reasons why people lose weight:

1. To Stay Healthy

Being overweight makes you vulnerable to chronic diseases ranging from diabetes to heart attacks. Being obese also increases the risk of certain cancers. It also makes you susceptible to elevated blood pressure, sleep apnea, elevated cholesterol level and gallstones. That’s why most overweight individuals try to lose weight, they want to keep the body healthy. They don’t want to spend the rest of their lives managing a life-threatening illness. They want to stay long enough to watch their kids grow or play with their grandchildren.

2.To Have a Baby

The desire of having kids is one of the most common motivation for women of child-bearing age. But it’s harder to get pregnant you’re overweight.  One lesser known fact about obesity is it leads to infertility. It also causes difficult pregnancies. Being overweight also leads to gestational diabetes and this is bad for the baby. Fetuses could suffer severe health complications if you don’t keep your weight in check while being pregnant. These health complications include neural tube defects or being genetically predisposed to diabetes later in life. Worse, being obese causes hormonal imbalances which lead to endocrine disorders. This makes conceiving especially difficult.

3. To Improve the Quality of Life

Morbidly obese individuals cannot move the same way as healthy ones. Their weight will always get in the way of normal activities. Even getting out of bed is a struggle every morning. They can’t shower without observing certain precautions. They can’t run or walk very far. They are afflicted with a long list of health conditions that prevent them from truly enjoying their life. Worse, obesity kills. Those who want to lose weight to improve their well-being just want to live a normal life.

4. Gain Confidence

Let’s face it, you feel at your best when you are confident. And if nothing fits or you can’t socialize because you feel bad about yourself, it’s hard to stay confident no matter how high your self-esteem is. Some overweight individuals are done feeling sorry for themselves. They want to feel good, not be body-shamed. They want to show off their body and gain confidence. That’s why they want to lose weight, they want to look good. And nothing’s wrong with that! There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make a great impression at job interviews. There’s nothing wrong about wanting to get a top off the rack and knowing it’ll fit.

When you are confident about yourself, you are more focused about the things you want. You want more friends? You got it! You want a high-powered job? The world is your oyster.

There is more to losing weight than looking good. Again, the battle of the bulge is all about overcoming insecurities and inner struggles. Nothing will stop you from achieving your goals when you are 100% confident about yourself.

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