5 Abdominal Tools that Really Works!

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Achieving rock hard abs and a trim body is easy with the right tools. Because the abdominal muscles are linked with the core muscles, there is a real danger of causing too much strain on the spine when you work out. To achieve a chiseled midsection without damaging the spine, you need to use exercise tools that put the body in a neutral position.

Abdominal training strengthens the core, improves the balance, and reduces lower back pain. It also helps correct the posture! If you are serious about developing washboard abs, don’t forget to use these workout tools:

Adjustable Sit Up Benches

By far the oldest of all fitness equipment, the sit up bench can be adjusted to increase or decrease the incline of the board. A steeper incline causes stronger resistance. And that means tighter, stronger abdominal muscles!

You can perform a wide array of abdominal exercises with the sit up bench. The bench effectively isolates the abdominal muscles, allowing you to tone those muscles with little effort. This equipment also works as a core trainer for better balance and coordination! When choosing a sit up bench, go for one with an ergonomic design. An ergonomically designed bench reduces the risk of back strain.

Ab Wheel

This queer tool is one of the most powerful fitness equipment for the abdominal muscles. Apart from working the midsection, this tool will also tone the arms, shoulders, back, and the core. Use this continuously and you are bound to see results within weeks!

Of course, the wheel is hard to use especially for beginners. The wheel takes a while to getting used to but once you have mastered it, you will feel a difference in your upper and lower abdominal muscles. The best thing about the ab wheel? It is so affordable!

Pull up Bar

The pull-up bar is great for toning and sculpting the upper abdominal muscles and the obliques. There are two types of pull-up bars to check out: the power tower or a mounted pull up bar. Between the two, the mounted pull up bar features a simpler design. The power tower allows you to perform various positions to isolate various points of the midsection. Apart from toning the abdominal muscles, the bar also strengthens the shoulders, arms, and chest.

Stability Ball

It is quite incredible how the simple design of the stability ball really works out the muscles deeply and effectively. The ball gives enough resistance to tone and sculpts the abdominal area without putting enormous pressure on the spine. You can control your motions to perform various abdominal exercises, including sit-ups, crunches, and even planking.

Roman Chairs

Rounding up our list of effective abdominal exercise equipment to check out is the roman chair. The roman chair strengthens the lower back, reduces back pain and isolates the core muscles. It allows you to perform various ab workouts without lower back pain. The unique design of the chair helps isolate the abdominal muscles without causing strain on the lower back that could lead to injuries.

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