5 Abdominal Workout Mistakes You Are Doing Right Now

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Washboard abs became a thing around the same time; David Hasselhoff and the rest of the Baywatch crew are seen running down Malibu beach in slow-mo on the silver screen. Of course, no one’s born with chiseled abs and it takes an enormous amount of dedication, patience and consistency to mold one’s body shape into that of a demi-god.

Abdominal exercises are probably the most popular form of fitness exercises. And for good reason, we all want to look good (and healthy!), we want to fill out a nice dress, look good on the beach, etc.

Unfortunately, if you’re doing a certain abdominal workout wrong, you’re not only defeating the purpose of the exercise (which is toning your stomach, duh), you could be putting a lot of strain on your spine and that could lead to a world of pain. Today, we are listing down five of the most common abdominal workout mistakes as told by fitness experts.

1. Forgetting About Compound Exercises

One of the most persistent ab workout mistakes is performing isolated abdominal exercises. One should never forget about supplementing an abdominal training program with compound movements like squats, overhead presses or dead lifts. Why? You want to engage every inch of your core not only to hasten the process of developing toned muscles but also to strengthen the whole core.

2. Beginning A Routine With Abdominal Exercises

Here’s the thing, the abdominal area is part of the core. The core helps stabilize the body. Now, imagine if you exhaust your abdominal area first and then work your way to other exercises. You’ll be too fatigued to stabilize your body throughout the training program. If you do not perform abdominal exercises correctly, you will be inflicting damage to your spine so never begin a routine with abdominal exercises. We recommend saving abdominal exercises at the end of your training.

3. Crunching Your Way To Becoming Thinner

Let’s face it, the desire to stuff our face with unhealthy food is particularly strong after an intense workout. Three burritos, a side of fries and a large smoothie later, you think to yourself, “I’ll just do 1,000 crunches tomorrow at the gym.”

Killing yourself in the gym and then stuffing your face with greasy food after is cheating. This is not only an unhealthy practice; it’s also an ineffective way to lower your body fat percentage! If you don’t keep your diet in check, you’ll never have Ryan Reynold’s abs.

4. Dedicating A Whole Routine on Abs

This might seem like a good idea at first, having one training program just for toning the abdominal muscles for faster results. But if you do not add other forms of exercises to your routine, you will come out with a weird shape, toned abs and flabby arms, legs, etc. You get the picture. Spread out your training so that you are engaging all muscle groups and not just focus on a single one.

5. Not Focusing On Form

Developing muscles isn’t just about developing the muscles. It’s also about achieving the right form. The abdominal muscle is just like any other muscle in the body so why focus on one muscle group when you can tighten your glutes, tone your arms and other parts of the body too? So during every training, make sure you are engaging your abdominal muscles and any other muscle groups so you develop a balanced form.

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