5 Best Methods for Real Fat Loss

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Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Weight loss is not the end all and be all to health. A healthy Body Mass Ratio (BMI) is. Skinny people can still carry too much fat and be at high risk for weight-related diseases. Overweight people are not always as fat as they appear either. Everybody needs to worry about muscle to fat ratio, not weight loss. The skinny should worry about their fat-to-muscle ratio more than how small their clothes are.

The Five Basic Methods to Lasting Fat Loss

1. Understand and Accept Challenges

Even with the best lifestyles, fat loss may be elusive. If adding exercise and eating less is not achieving results, all is not lost. Many people suffer from undiagnosed thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, leaky gut syndrome, persistent gut yeast infections, a sluggish metabolism, or hidden food allergies.

Diagnosing challenges, accepting them, and doing something about them may be all it takes to achieve a super-charged lean body.

2. Mastering the Knowledge

Consuming fewer calories and burning more calories through exercise does not always get results. Some people may have to stick to a higher caloric intake (but still reduced) diet than suggested. Other people may need to stick to the introductory fitness program longer than others. The calories in to calories burned ratio isn’t equal for all people.

Understanding the dynamics of what really works, and accepting the challenges as milestones rather than defeats, helps master the plan.

3. Designing and Following a Personalized plan

Creating a personalized plan and sticking to it is the greatest key to success. Not all fitness programs present the right diet plan to go with them. Nor do all diet programs suggest the right exercises for true fat loss. Understand that real healthy fat loss is a lifetime effort. Create a plan which works within your current lifestyle. Set small goals and achievements and stick to the decision to lose fat and gain health.

Further, be prepared by having the correct foods on hand. Schedule in the right exercise for your current fitness level and body type. Following a set of personalized guidelines will go a long way towards fat loss success.

4. Avoid the Negatives, Be Surrounded by the Positives

Don’t listen to the naysayers who warn you about the dangers of your choices. As long as food choices are healthy and not ill-advised by a doctor, they are probably just fine. Plans that forgo trigger foods, like junk food and sweets, are just as healthy as those that cut out bad fats or all grain products. Also, beware of people who use guilt trips about not eating their food. Let them know who has to live in your body and who gets to make choices for its health and well-being.

Be crystal clear about the purpose, intent, and goals in the plan. Continually visualize goals and talk about them to people who are supportive. Get support from others following similar lifestyle changes. Also, invest in a fitness buddy or trainer who can keep derailments from happening.

5. Keep a Journal

People who keep records of what they eat, when and how they exercise, and how they feel physically and emotionally are more inclined to stick to their plan. Successful people are those who write down every morsel and every opportunity to be active. In fact, those who keep record lose fat twice as much as their non-recording peers.

Keeping records keeps it going. Therefore, measure progress in inches and fitness milestones every step of the way. Monitor daily food intake and changes in diet, whether intentional or by listening to the body. Finally, keep track of the emotional stuff going on too. Keeping track is a huge motivator.

Fat Loss is a Personal Achievement

Remember, fitness and fat loss is a personal journey that lasts a lifetime. Fad diets and crash fitness programs don’t do nearly as much for total health, fat loss, and well-being as life-long lifestyle changes. Fat loss is only achieved through a personalized plan which works for the individual. Cookie cutter programs only work for short-term weight loss, not true fitness and health. Stay motivated through keeping records and good company.

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