5 Drinks That Have Higher Caloric Contents than a Slice of Cake

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Someone once told me that cake is bad. “Too much calories!” they say but while I was doing research, I found out that there are other foods and drinks that contain more calories than a slice of cake! If you don’t believe me then this article can definitely help.

Once in a while we love to drink non-alcoholic drinks thinking that the calories in alcohol are too much. But did you know that there are other drinks out there that contain more calories than a slice of a cake? Shocking, right! As surprising as this is, it’s nothing but the truth. So before you avoid that cake and sip that drink, here are the five drinks that have high caloric contents. Check it out!

1. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is one of the healthiest drinks that people consume today, mainly because of the healthy benefits that we can obtain from it. It contains antioxidants which is good for your skin, relief from urinary tract infection, respiratory disorders, kidney stones, cancer, and heart diseases. It is also helpful if you have stomach disorders and diabetes. It is even beneficial if you have gum problems or plaques! But did you know that this healthy juice is packed with calories? Not just one or two but 260 calories per 15.2 ounce bottle! So before you take a gulp on this juice, make sure that you know how much calories you are taking in. You might just be surprised to see the contents!

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