5 Drinks That Have Higher Caloric Contents than a Slice of Cake

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

2. Orange juice

We all love a glass of our natural Vitamin C. If you don’t like taking your vitamins then a glass of orange juice can definitely help you. A glass of this juice provides you with a lot of benefits. It helps reduce bad cholesterol levels, improves your diastolic blood pressure and protects you from inflammation. It also boosts your immune system and maintains your blood pressure level. Not only that, orange juice also prevents cancer and its formation. If you have kidney problems, orange juice helps prevent the formation of kidney stones and the citrate that is found in oranges also decreases the acidity of your urine. Since orange juice is rich in vitamin C, it will also help you with your anemia.  However did you know that 15.2 ounces of your orange juice contains 258 calories? Yes that’s how much calories you are taking in with a bottle of OJ but if that doesn’t bother you then make sure that you drink freshly squeezed oranges. At least you know that what you’re taking in is not processed!

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