5 Hidden Dangers of Too Much Exercise

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Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Exercises are done to keep your body in shape and increase your muscle mass. It is also designed to lose body fat and keep it at bay. However, how much exercise do you really need? Do you stop once you have achieved your weight goal? Or do you push forward for more? Some people do just that. They train hard at first then they train harder. That’s alright if you are preparing for a good marathon run or perhaps joining in a game that requires you to be on your top shape. However, there are folks that take gym time to the extreme! Three times a week of gym session for about an hour is considered healthy but there are those that make it a habit of going to the gym 7 days a week and stay there for at least three hours, too much, right? Unless you are an athlete that needs to be in training all the time then perhaps it’s not that bad but if you are not preparing for anything then most likely, you are a gym addict.

Being addicted to gym has its ups and downs but in this article we will talk about how too much exercising can ruin your body instead of doing something good to it. Keep in mind that too much of anything is bad. For a good gym result, take a day or two of rest followed by light exercise. If you are following a routine then ask your trainer if you are working out too much or at the right phase. Here are five ways to know that your body is getting too much exercise.

1. Decreased performance

You know you are working out too much if there’s a sudden decrease in your performance. Try alternative exercises besides you regular workout routine. Try running or swimming, this will help revive your energy and endurance.

2. Fatigue

You may be working out but you’ve never felt more tired than the usual. This is one of the signs you should watch out for. Sure, a good workout may help you feel great for a bit but after the routine is over, you may just feel a lot worse.

3. Mood changes

If your body is overworked, chances are so are your hormones. If the body is experiencing stress from too much work out, your hormones change and become imbalance. As a result of this, you become irritable, depressed, angry for no reason and even anxious. So if this is happening to you, might as well take a break from all that physical workload.

4. Recovery time is delayed

A muscle sore that is not relieved for hours is a sure sign that your body is over worked and needs rest. Make sure to stop, take a break and rest for a while before going back to your regular workout routine.

5. Getting fat

Sure you are working out and lost weight but how come you are getting fatter? This is because your body is burned out. You need to take a break and consider other options of exercise if this becomes your case.

If you are experiencing any of these then you know that your body is working out way too much. Keep in mind that the human body is like a machine. It takes time to rest and recuperate in order for it to keep working or you will crash and burn. In case you find yourself unable to perform well with your regular exercise then it’s best to talk to your trainer about other options. Better yet, talk to a physician; this way you can get proper diagnosis in case there are other underlying issues regarding your body.

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