5 of the Best Total Body Stability Ball Moves To Try at Home

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

A stability ball is a round fitness tool used in many ways to target various muscle group. Using the ball, you can sculpt, tone, and strengthen the whole body! In today’s post, we are listing down some of the best fat-busting moves you can do at home using a stability ball:

1. Push-Up

This challenging move will tone and strengthen the upper torso, particularly the arms and shoulders! To perform the pushup using the stability ball, lie with your midsection on the ball. Walk your hands forward on the floor until the ball reaches the thighs and let it rest.

Now, pull your abdominal muscles inward and bend your elbows. Lower your upper body to the floor, hold the position for 3 seconds then push up so the elbows are straight but not locked. When you do, make sure your body is straight, head to toe. Complete 5 reps of 8 then work up to 15.

2. Squat

This is a fantastic workout to tone the glutes and thighs! To perform a squat using the stability ball, place the ball between the wall and the curve of your lower back. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Now bend the knees as if you are sitting on a chair but keep the hips square and the shoulders level. Hold this position for 3 seconds then stand back up. Complete 5 reps of 12.

3. Plank Pike-Up

This intense move will tone major muscle groups, particularly the midsection. The plank works great for achieving a strong core and washboard abs! To perform this exercise, take the exercise ball and lie on top of it. Make sure your shins are on the ball and your palms are resting on the floor.

Now, roll the ball to your middle using your legs and abs. Lift the hips and keep the head down between the arms. At this point, your body should be in an inverted V shape. Hold this position for a second then roll back to the starting position. Complete 10 to 12 reps.

4. Ball Pass

This super easy move will strengthen the arms, shoulder, and chest muscles. To perform the ball pass, simply lie on your back while holding the stability ball. Lift the feet up so the shins are parallel to the floor. Now lift your head, neck, and shoulders then place the ball between the legs. Lower the legs and reach your arms back.

Go back up and grab the ball, continuously passing the ball back and forth from the hand to the legs 12 to 15 times.

5. Weight Press

This low impact exercise will tone and sculpt the arms, chest, and shoulders. The weight press is perfect for lazy days when you do not feel like working out! To perform this workout, lie on your back with your heels resting on the ball. Hold lightweight dumbbells a few inches above the chest with your palms facing forward. Press the weights straight over the shoulders as you exhale. Hold this position for three seconds, then lower the weight back down. Do 12 reps.

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