5 Ways to Add Lemon to Your Everyday Meals

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Lemon is one versatile fruit, it’s prized for its culinary and non-culinary purposes. It’s also a favorite ingredient in baking because of its tart, tangy flavor. Although the origins of lemon remain unknown, it’s been cultivated for hundreds of years.

Lemon is high in essential vitamins particularly vitamin C. It’s rich in dietary fiber, copper, and calcium. This citrus fruit is also a great all-natural treatment to a wide variety of illness. That’s why it pays to incorporate lemon to your daily diet. Wondering how you can add lemon to your everyday meals? Check out our list below:

Use it as a Detox Drink

Did you know lemon is an effective colon cleanser? That’s right, lemon extracts will absorb accumulated toxins in the lower intestines. These compounds are then expelled safely as waste. Lemon doesn’t just eliminate the bad stuff in the gut, it also work with the liver to improve digestion.

To use lemon juice as a detox drink, add several slices to your favorite tea. Let the whole thing steep for at least 20 minutes. Drink the tea every morning on an empty stomach. Don’t worry, although lemon is very sour, it’s alkaline. That means it’s safe to drink even on an empty stomach. It will not trigger stomach cramps, ulcer pains or gastritis.

As a Weight Loss Drink

It’s no secret that lemon promotes weight loss. When taken as a tonic, lemon juice will suppress the appetite. The drink will also fill you up thanks to the fruit’s fiber content. Even better, lemon will also boost the body’s metabolic rate. That’s why it’s the perfect pre-workout drink! You can also take the tonic as a refreshing and filling beverage during the summer season. The drink will definitely make your body beach-ready!

To use lemon as a tonic, mix lemon juice with mineral or purified water and cayenne pepper. Sweeten the drink with maple syrup. This drink is part of the Master Cleanse or Lemonade diet. Essentially, you drink nothing but lemonade spiked with cayenne for two weeks. You can lose as much as 10 pounds if you stick to the program.

Salad Dressing

Add a tasty zing to your favorite salad by squeezing a generous amount of fresh lemon juice to the mix! Lemon juice pairs well with various vegetables. It will also complement the flavors of fruit salads. Don’t be afraid to experiment with it.

Adding a little lemon juice to your salad increases its nutritional value. It boosts the salad’s vitamin C and B5 content as well as copper and calcium.

In Marinades

From fish to poultry, lemon juice is an excellent marinade. It will enhance the subtle flavors of fish. It will add dimension to the distinct taste of poultry meat. A little spritz of lemon juice also improves the absorption of omega-3 fatty acid in fish. That’s because lemon juice works great as “carrier” of healthy fats to the body.

As a marinade, lemon juice can be used to flavor veggies too. Just a squeeze from halved lemon to your veggie kabobs and start grilling.

Baked Goods

Lemon works best as ingredient to baked products and sweets. From lemon meringue pies to yummy tarts, lemon imparts a sweet yet tangy flavor that will delight the taste buds!

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