5 Ways to Deal with Parched, Flaky Skin

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Do you suffer from perpetually rough, itchy, flakey and dry skin? Sounds like your skin could use a lot of TLC right now! The fact is, treating parched skin isn’t just about putting more products on the skin. The clothes you wear, your lifestyle, diet, the climate, and other factors also play a role in the state of your skin. In today’s post, we are listing down ways to banish dry skin for good:

1. Opting for Warm Showers

Do you love hot or very cold showers? Extreme water temperatures could strip the moisture off your skin. When the natural oils of the skin are gone, the skin is left irritated, dry, and flaky. Instead of going to the extremes, opt for short, warm showers that do not take longer than 10 minutes. A warm bath isn’t as harsh to the skin. It will not leave the skin raw and dry. Warm baths will not strip the skin of its natural oils so they are not as drying.

2. Use a Gentle Cleanser

If you suffer from very dry skin, avoid super foamy cleansers. Opt for soapless cleansers that come in a low-sudsing formula. If you can, avoid cleansers with very heavy fragrance or too emollient formulas that could cause greasiness. We recommend cleansers fortified with ceramides to keep the skin hydrated.

Ceramides are fatty molecules that form a protective barrier on the surface of the skin. Ceramides locks in moisture and softens the skin. These molecules also prevent moisture from evaporating from the skin. If you can, skip toners, chemical peels, and harsh astringents formulated with alcohol.

3. Protection from the Sun

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can break down the skin tissues, causing sagginess, wrinkles, and roughness. The sun’s damaging rays could also worsen very dry skin. Our advice is to slather sun protection creams all over the body every time you head out. You want a sunblock with high sun protection factor (SPF) of 45 and up. Wear sunglasses to protect the delicate skin around the eyes from sun damage too. Don’t ignore the lips and the ears! You want to slather SPF lotion on the ears to protect it from ultraviolet rays. Keep an SPF lip balm in your purse to protect the lips from UV rays.

It helps if you dress in layers. This way, you can simply peel away a layer of clothing to keep cool. Perspiration and overheating could irritate the skin, causing dryness.

4. Moisturize Properly

Of course, one of the best ways to combat dryness is to give the skin a dose of moisture. You can do that by drinking water regularly and slathering on body moisturizers. If you have dry, sensitive skin, we recommend gel-type moisturizers formulated with ceramides, glycerin or hyaluronic acid. These compounds improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture, keeping the skin supple, healthy, and glowing!

For very dry spots, we recommend emollient moisturizers made from nut butter, stearic acid, and natural oils. These products hydrate the skin deeply, eliminating dry spots and roughness. Just massage the product in to ensure proper absorption. For very dry heels, we recommend wearing socks after working the moisturizer in at nighttime.

5. Minimizing Exposure to Dry Air

Did you know that exposing the skin to air conditioner is one of the most common causes of very dry skin? The cold, dry air leaves the skin irritated, scaly, and dry! Our advice is to use a humidifier to balance out the moisture in the air and keep the skin hydrated.

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