16 Carcinogenic Foods That You Eat Every Day

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Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

4. Refined carbohydrates

White bread, white rice, white pasta, cookies, cakes, sweetened juices, and confectionary are all refined carbohydrates. Not only are they lower in fiber and protective vitamins and minerals, but refined carbs are also bad news for your health. As highly processed carbohydrates tend to have a high glycemic index, they raise your blood sugars quickly, increasing your risk of weight gain and diabetes. However, that’s not the only problem with high GI carbs.

Research now shows that carbohydrates which readily release their sugars into the bloodstream also help to feed cancerous cells. Because their sugar is easily used as an energy source by cells, they assist in the growth of tumors. Simple carbohydrates do not cause cancer, but they create an environment where cancerous cells can thrive. In people who have cancer, a diet full of refined carbs aggravates their condition.

Researchers from the University of California looked into the diets of 2,651 women who survived breast cancer over a course of 12 months. They discovered that carbohydrates, particularly starches, were associated with risks of developing new tumors – a sign of recurrence. Women who increased their intake of starchy foods were 14.2 percent more likely to experience recurrence. Those who ate less of these starchy foods only had 9.7 percent likelihood for recurrence. Numerous studies have also associated consumption of highly refined starches, grains, and sugars with a greater risk for colorectal cancer due to their high glycemic index.

To protect yourself from carbohydrates that potentially cause cancer, avoid foods that have flour, starch, and refined sugars as ingredients whenever you can. As a general rule, foods with a glycemic index greater than 70 must be excluded from your diet. The University of Sydney has an updated database which you can use as reference for the GI ratings of foods. Examples of high GI foods are Kellog’s Corn Flakes, Gatorade, a white baguette, and white rice. Surprisingly, Coca-Cola only has a GI of 63. It is also advisable to swap refined grains for whole grains. Good options for whole grains are porridge, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, and grainy breads.

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