6 Reasons to Eat More Pawpaw

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Pawpaw is a type of tropical fruit that belongs to the Asimina genus. The pawpaw tree is native to the eastern North America. Pawpaw is often mistaken with papaya because both fruits look similar. But papaya, which is native to Spain, is from a different genus. Although it’s not as popular in the west, pawpaw is one of the most nutritious fruits in the world. Apart from promoting weight loss, pawpaw also detoxifies the system. In today’s post, we are listing down all the amazing benefits of the pawpaw fruit:

1. Packed with Essential Vitamins

Just a cup serving of papaya is enough to provide 10% of your RDA of vitamin B6, thiamin, riboflavin, folate, and niacin! These B-vitamins work together to keep nerves healthy. Vitamin B also aids in the conversion of protein, carbohydrates, and fat into energy. In addition, pawpaw is loaded with phytochemicals and antioxidants that protect the cells from oxidative stress. A cup serving of pawpaw satisfies 50% of your RDA of vitamin C, another vitamin that acts as an antioxidant.

2. Loaded with Important Minerals

Apart from a long list of vitamins, pawpaw is also a rich source of important minerals. These minerals include calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. Just a cup serving of pawpaw satisfies one-seventh of the magnesium, one-eighth of the potassium and one-tenth of the phosphorus you need each day. The same cup serving also yields 1.35 milligrams of iron. Iron is an essential nutrient that supports the production of red blood cells. Women age 35 to 50 years old should get at least 18 milligrams of iron each day. Men and older women need at least 8 milligrams of iron every day.

3. Fights Cancer

Pawpaw is packed with cancer-fighting compounds too! In fact, a study published in the “Nutrition and Cancer” journal concludes that pawpaw inhibits tumor growth in women afflicted with breast cancer. The study involved analyzing breast cancer patients over the course of 5 weeks. Each patient was given 200-milligram doses of pawpaw extracts. After the 5-week study, researchers reported that tumors shrank and even reduced the likelihood of cancer cells spreading to other organs. A different study published in the Cancer Letters mirrored the same results.

4. Promotes Weight Loss

Yes, pawpaw can help control the weight too! It can even promote faster, more efficient weight loss. A cup of fresh pawpaw yields 148 calories, less than a gram of fat and 2.25 protein. It makes for a filling, low-calorie snack. In addition, pawpaw contains more protein per gram than apples and pears!

Fiber is a nutrient that promotes weight loss by prolonging the feeling of fullness. It also regulates the digestive processes while keeping the heart healthy! Pawpaw happens to be a rich source of dietary fiber.

5. Protects from Digestive Disorders

From dyspepsia to constipation, pawpaw protects from common digestive discomforts! How? The fruit contains proteolytic enzymes, which are chemicals that process food. These nutrients break down protein more efficiently, aiding in better digestion. Pawpaw is an excellent remedy for bloating, flatulence and chronic indigestion too.

6. Delays the Early Signs of Aging

Did you know pawpaw has the ability to delay the early signs of aging? Thanks to its high antioxidant and phytochemicals content, pawpaw protects the body from oxidative stress. Oxidative stress doesn’t just cause chronic diseases, it also leads to cell aging! Boosting your consumption of pawpaw keeps the skin healthy, supple and even-toned. The vitamin C in pawpaw triggers faster cell turnover and regeneration of collagen too!

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