6 Reasons Why Organic, Hand-Made Soaps are Better than Regular Soaps

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Organic, hand-made soaps tend to be pricier than average soaps. That’s because natural soaps are made from choice ingredients that do not irritate nor strip down the moisture level of the skin! In today’s post, we are giving you 6 reasons why you should switch to organic soaps:

1. Superior Ingredients

Unlike a regular bar of soap, natural soaps do not contain harsh ingredients. Aggressive chemicals can dry the skin and cause breakouts. Organic soaps are processed minimally so the natural goodness of the ingredients is retained. This is the reason why organic, handmade soaps are loaded with skin-friendly nutrients like antioxidants and vitamin A, C, and E! Using a natural soap won’t strip the skin of moisture nor will it cause inflammation or breakouts.

2. Goes Mild on the Skin

Ever wonder why handmade soaps don’t lather as much as store-bought soaps? Natural soaps are free of sulfates so they are milder than regular soaps. Sulfates are foaming agents used in laundry detergent and dishwashing liquid. Imagine putting that on your skin!

Organic soaps are made from premium ingredients that go on mild. This type of soap is ideal sensitive skin. You can use organic soap on your face or body and reap all its natural healing properties.

3. Deep Hydration

The best types of natural soaps are those made from vegetable glycerin. Vegetable glycerin is a plant-based oil extracted from coconut, soybeans or palm nut. This oil is rich in triglyceride strains that inject nutrients deep into the skin layer. It goes on mild and is emollient so it prevents moisture loss. Because glycerin is an expensive ingredient, mass-produced soaps do not have it. Instead, they are formulated with synthetic ingredients to moisturize the skin. But not handmade soaps! Regular use of vegetable glycerin soaps will restore the suppleness of the skin. It will protect the body from environmental pollutants while keeping the skin younger-looking!

4. Eco-Friendly

Organic soaps are made from ingredients derived from nature. These ingredients will never damage the environment. Organic soaps contain ingredients that break down easily so it does not pollute the earth and the water. Even better, handmade soaps are formulated, processed and cut by hand and this reduces your carbon footprint. Overall, organic soaps are more environmentally-friendly than your average beauty bar!

5. Not Tested on Animals

You’d be glad to know that organic soaps are not tested on animals. Unfortunately,  leading beauty brands still do animal testing to reduce irritation or check for allergic reactions. While the practice is legal in some countries, animal testing is banned in India, Norway and all 28-member states of the European Union. Be kind to animals and support products that do not test on animals!

6. More Variety

If you think you have limited choices when it comes to scents when you go organic, think again! There could be hundreds of different types of organic soaps.  Handmade soaps are perfect for people who love to explore different combinations of scents, essential oils, and herbs! From floral to spicy, minty to citrusy, there is a dizzying array of scents and variants to choose from!

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