6 Signs of Sugar Addiction

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Consuming too much sugar is detrimental to the health. Excessive sugar causes an unnatural spike in the blood glucose level, causing intense cravings, hunger pangs, and eventually, weight problems and chronic disease. Sugar addiction is no different to drug addiction.

Once you habitually snack on sweets, it is hard to stop. The key towards overcoming any addiction is acceptance and self-awareness. If you accept that, you have a problem and that you are willing to do something about it, then quitting any bad habit is only a matter of time. In today’s post, we are listing down some of the most common signs that you are a sugar junkie:

1. You Go Overboard on Sweets

Lack of self-control is a strong indication of an addiction. If you cannot stop yourself from eating a whole bag of candy bars in one sitting and then be filled with regret after, then you have a problem. To reduce the chances of binging, practice mindful eating. Do not use sweets as an emotional crutch. Do not eat sweets as a way to comfort yourself.

2. You Love Carbs

A reasonable serving of carbs is a part of a healthy diet. But if you love carbs to the point that your body physically craves it, then you might be addicted to sugar. Unfortunately, the body is powered by glucose, which is derived from carbs in your food. So it is easy for the body to crave more carbs to turn into glucose. To control your love for carbs, avoid processed carbs, sweet pastries and replace them with starchy veggies.

3. Can’t Get Enough of Salty Snacks

A healthy body will always strive for balance. If your body loves sweets or salty snacks a little too much, your diet’s delicate balance is affected. Most people think craving salty snacks are harmless. Wrong. If you are inexplicably craving for salty snacks, it is a sign that the body is desperately seeking a balance between sodium and sugar intake. By regulating your consumption of sodium, the body will not crave sweets as much.

4. You Suffer from Sugar Hangover

After finishing off a bag of cookies or chocolate bars, do you experience headaches, fatigue, sleepiness or bloating? Do you feel tired all the time? If the answer is yes, you are  suffering from a sugar-induced hangover. Feeling unwell after binging on sweets is a strong indication of a serious sugar addiction. If you do not trust yourself with sweets, purge your pantry and remove your stash.

5. Excessive Snacking

Can’t stop snacking even after a full meal? Can’t imagine a day spent without eating a couple of chocolate bars or finishing a large glass of artisanal coffee? Sounds like you are addicted to sugar. Mindless grazing will not only lead to obesity, it could also cause a variety of chronic diseases including diabetes! When the body demands snacking, it is a sign that the blood sugar level has dipped. The brain perceives this as dangerous, signaling you to eat more sweets. If you cannot control your sugar cravings, it will lead to a vicious cycle of consuming excess sugar.

6. You Feel Tired all the Time

Feeling tired after a long day is normal. But feeling tired the minute you wake up all the way to the end of the day is not normal at all. It is a sign that you are consuming excessive sugar. This is the reason why those who cut back on sugar feel an immediate energy boost! Subtle signs of a sugar addiction include inexplicable fatigue and loss of focus.

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