6 Tips to Make Breakfast Better

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

You can’t afford to miss breakfast because it will power you up and kick the metabolic rate into overdrive! But let’s face it, sometimes a healthy breakfast can look unappetizing. When the food doesn’t look good, we tend to be unexcited about eating. But don’t worry, these healthy hacks are sure to make breakfast exciting again!

1. Fill the Fridge with Colorful Options

Most shoppers have a general idea what they want to buy at the local grocer and tend to overlook breakfast items. So always keep breakfast food items in mind each time you go do your grocery shopping. Fill your fridge with healthy, fresh breakfast options so you have a lot of ingredients to play around when you prep your morning meals. You want to stock up on healthy grains, lots of fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables, and dried fruits. You can combine these breakfast favorites into a filling, healthy morning meal!

2. Prepping Ahead of Time

Most people miss breakfast because they can’t squeeze in enough time to eat in the morning before going to the office. You can free up more time to make better breakfast by assembling your meals ahead of time. When you have more time to plan your meals, you can make better food choices. Your routine will also be easier so when the mornings become too busy for a full breakfast, you can simply grab a bite to eat and go. Also, don’t stop at making pre-packed breakfast, make them ready to go too. This way, you can eat your breakfast wherever! We recommend making breakfast sandwiches, smoothies or pre-packed meals that you can take with you on your way to work.

3. Experimenting with Eggs

Egg is an extremely versatile, tasty and nutritious breakfast food. It contains high-quality proteins, antioxidants, and vitamins. Develop different ways to prepare eggs for a healthy, filling breakfast. You can add an egg to a morning sandwich, make omelets or combined with some greens. You can also make soft-boiled eggs and enjoy it with a piece of toast, it’s your choice!

4. Experimenting with Dried Fruits, Grains, and Nuts

Dried fruits, grains, and nuts are a breakfast lover’s best friend. These food items can be eaten alone as a nutritious snack or together with oatmeal or yogurt for a delicious, nutritious and convenient breakfast. You can also add dried fruits and seeds on top of pancakes, waffles and even fried rice for a tasty breakfast. You will save more if you buy in bulk so make sure to stock up on these breakfast items.

5. Make a Smoothie

Forget about store-bought smoothies, try making your own! This is a fast, easy way to get all the nutrients you need to energize the body even when you are pressed for time. We recommend adding your favorite grains to your smoothies to bulk up the drink. Steel cut oats, quinoa and muesli are perfect for keeping you full until lunchtime. You can add fresh fruits and vegetables to your smoothie, making the drink a complete meal in itself.

6. Easy to Cook Greens

When you are pressed for time, go for greens that are either very easy to cook or can be eaten raw. These greens include basil, baby spinach, kale, carrots, and celery. You can simply make your own dips, mix chopped veggies to scrambled eggs, or add to breakfast sandwiches.

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