7 Beauty Essentials Every Woman Should Have

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

A woman’s makeup bag is her most prized possession. No matter its size, the makeup bag contains all the essentials a woman needs to look polished and put-together on the go. In today’s post, we are listing down seven of the most important beauty products women should never get out of the house without:

1. Translucent or Oil-Absorbing Powder

You do not want your makeup to slip and slide as you go about your day. A good oil-absorbing powder should sop up the oil without adding pigment to your makeup. We recommend keeping a finishing powder or a translucent powder in handy.

When it comes to application, just pat lightly on targeted areas, like the T-zone. This will help lock the makeup in without looking cakey. Do not powder the whole face. Any kind of face powder will dry out the skin.

2. A Highlighter

A highlighter will enhance certain areas of the face. It will also give your skin that enviable glow. Just like powder, you have to apply highlighter to certain areas of the face. Too much of the stuff will result in an unnatural sheen, like a disco ball! Usually, you want to apply only on the highest points of the face: cheekbones, chin, the nose bridge and over the brows. A highlighter also doubles as eye shadow too. Don’t forget to lightly pat highlighter on the cupid’s bow for fuller-looking lips!

3. Mascara

If your peepers need an extra boost, make sure you got a good mascara handy in your makeup bag. Mascara will open up the eyes, it will add volume to the lashes and it will add length. Once you found the right formula, you won’t need so many products to emphasize the eyes.

4. The Perfect Nude and Red Lipstick

No makeup bag is complete without a lipstick. We recommend adding your favorite red and nude lipstick to your makeup bag. This way, you can switch from office-friendly nude to va-va-voom red when the occasion calls for it! Different lip colors also give your makeup bag flexibility. You’ll never be caught unaware when you have the right lipstick!

5. Brow Pencil

The brows frame the face. It makes sense to add a brow product keep your brows groomed and pristine. We love a good brow pomade, but this product demands precision. In a pinch, go for a brow pencil. It’s an easy, no-mess method to create stand-out brows anytime of the day!

6. A Flattering Blush

When it comes to blush, take one in a universally flattering color. A good blush will bring color back to your face and will emphasize those cheekbones. We recommend a coral or neutral pink blush in a matte formula. Leave the highlighter to add the sheen so you have more control over the product.

7. Brush Set

Invest in a good travel brush set especially if you love powder-based cosmetics. Powder makeup requires precision in application. They are extremely hard to apply without the right tools. Travel brush sets have shorter handles so these babies won’t take much room in your makeup bag. You can use3 the brushes for a quick touch ups or to re-do your makeup.

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