7 Reasons to Attend Spinning Class Right NOW

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Spinning workout refers to a high-intensity exercise that requires indoor cycling to tone the muscles and burn off more calories. High-intensity workout is meant to boost strength, endurance, and definition. Also known as a spinning class, a spinning workout also keeps the endorphins flowing! If you’re unconvinced about the health and fitness benefits of spinning workout, check out 7 reasons why you should sign up for this program today:

1. Energizes the Body

Some workout winds you down and makes you feel even more tired than usual but not when you’re in a spinning program. Even if you attend the workout tired, you’ll feel energized after finishing it. That’s because the workout floods the body with endorphins and adrenaline. And the energy during the class is contagious. The energetic vibe coupled by amazing results makes spinning classes one of the most popular fitness programs.

2. Build Definition

Want stronger, more defined legs? How about a shapely butt that rivals that of J.Lo? You can have all that and more through spinning! A spin class helps build and define the muscles. It puts pressure on the butt, thighs and legs. Pedaling vigorously activates the calves and thighs while tightening the abdominal muscles. The faster you pedal, the more fat you burn! Pedaling slowly also tones the muscles by increasing the resistance.

3. Boost Cardio Endurance

Does minimal physical exertion leave you breathless? Signing up for a spinning class helps develop a strong pair of lungs. It also keeps the heart strong! This is the perfect workout for those who want to start on a low-impact exercise that strengthens the cardiovascular system!

4. Low Impact

Low impact exercises refer to work out that do not stress the joints because the impact is reduced significantly. Spinning workout is an excellent example of a low impact exercise. Unlike running or jogging, indoor cycling does not put a lot of pressure on the knees and joints. Instead, the workout leaves all the work to the muscles. Spinning classes are suitable for individuals who suffer from chronic joint pain like arthritis or gout.

5. Stress Reliever

Any type of exercise diffuse stress but spinning exercise is one of the best stress relievers of all! That’s because spinning workout is an intense workout even if it doesn’t look like it. The social aspect of attending a spinning class also helps reduce stress and motivate people to push themselves harder. Let’s face it, you feel more positive about sticking to a program when it allows you to socialize and reach out to people who have the same goals as you.

6. It’s Entertaining

One thing you can expect from a spinning class is the energetic vibe and entertainment. Featuring a lively music coupled by dynamic movements, spinning class is never boring. You feel more energized every time because it’s an entertaining class.

7. Less Fatigue, Better Results

Spinning classes allow gymgoers to sculpt their bodies without pushing themselves too hard. Some people work better when their instructor is like a drill sergeant, but others respond better to positive reinforcement. And spinning class is all about positive reinforcement.

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