8 Genius Ways to Boost Your Immunity

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Sickness is out to get you, and the only thing standing in its way is your immunity. The immune system is your body’s primary defense against bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. It acts like a wall that shields you from these harmful pathogens so you wouldn’t get sick. But your immune system is no impenetrable barrier. Factors like stress, an unhealthy lifestyle, and poor diet can weaken your immunity. A weak immune system means you are vulnerable to various infectious diseases that a simple flu would be the least of your worries!

Unless you enjoy taking trips the hospital, you should build your body’s defenses against illness. Here are 8 genius ways to boost your immunity that you’ve (probably) never heard of before.

Tip #1: Give yourself a break.

Take it easy and find time to relax. Put yourself under too much stress and you’ll be more prone to illness. Studies have shown that stress decreases the immune response, thus making you vulnerable to infection. The mind-body connection is so strong that it only takes a few minutes of stress to catch a cold later in the day!

Research has proven that the state of mind directly affects one’s health. A 10-year study of medical students from the Ohio State University revealed that every year, they were less able at fighting off tumors and viruses because of the stress they experienced during three-day examinations. In another research, it was found that people who were put under a few minutes of stress showed signs of weakened immunity. Chronic stress does even greater damage to the body. Prolonged exposure to stress suppresses the immune function.

How to boost your immunity: Learn to manage your stress effectively on a day-to-day basis. Stress management is different for people so do whatever works for you. For some, it means spending a few hours every day on hobbies. For others, it means hitting the spa to get a massage. The key is to do engage in relaxing activities. Once you’ve developed a habit out of it, you can take longer breaks every now and then.

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