8 Gift Ideas for Yogis in Your Life

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Nothing like a thoughtful gift to celebrate the season. Doing last-minute shopping for your yogi friends and you’re out of ideas? If you have a yoga-loving friend or a yogi who you want to present really nice gifts to, we’ve got you covered! These gift ideas are the perfect stocking stuffer for the yogi in your life:

Yoga Leggings

You can never have too many yoga leggings! Yoga demands super comfortable clothing. Although gym clothes work great, why not give your yogi a couple of (or ten) pairs of yoga leggings instead? Yoga leggings are made with special breathable fabric that wicks moisture away from the body while giving gentle body support! It’s the chicest gift item to give for stylish yogis!

Crystal Jewelry

Crystals are known to activate positive vibrations in the body. Using crystals in yoga helps achieve a focused, alert mind; adds protection from negativity; and gives you a deeper sense of well-being. You can place raw crystals on your mat or wear it to activate its powers and connect with your practice! A simple chain with crystal pendant is not only stylish, it’s also a great gift idea for serious yoga practitioners and even newbies.

A Juicer

If your yogi friend has been especially good this year then she (or he!) deserves the best gift — a juicer! Juicing is not just another trendy way of boosting nutrition. It’s the healthiest way to meet your daily dietary requirements without the added calories.

A Roomy Gym Bag

A good gym bag is an essential and a girl could always use another fabulous bag! Ideally, you want a gym bag that have dedicated compartments for mobile devices and shoes, is waterproof, and made from durable fabrics that do not stain easily. Get brownie points for gifting her a gym bag with nifty features for everything, including her yoga mat.

A Meditation Cushion

Meditation is excellent for clearing the mind but it’s hard on the buns! Get her a meditation cushion so she can sit comfortably and find her inner calm. Choose a meditation cushion with compact design so that it stows away easily and is portable enough for travel.

Eye Pillow

Here’s another thoughtful gift that offers superb relaxation — an eye-pillow. Get those microwavable eye pillows so she can catch a snooze and soothe tired eyes at the same time. There are also eye-pillows that are infused with aromatherapy oils so she can drift into dreamland in no time at all!

Yoga Mat Straps

Yoga mat straps make any yoga mat extra portable. Just strap it on and run to your next yoga class — it’s genius! Any yoga enthusiast or yogi will appreciate getting this cool gift for Christmas.


Headbands not only add depth to any yoga ensemble, they do double duty too by keeping sweat off your eyes! Choose headbands made with absorbent fabrics and really tasteful prints so they go with everything.

Water Bottle

No yoga goddess should be without her water bottle especially after a really intense sesh. Get the yogi in your life a great water bottle; one that insulates heat or keeps the cold really well!

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