8 Great-Tasting Sauces to Enhance Your Favorite Dishes

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

They’re not exactly calorie-free, but no one can doubt that sauces make any dish a standout! And if you’re on the lookout for healthy sauces to flavor your everyday dishes, consider our recommendations below:

1. French Dressing

French dressing is perfect for green salads, but it can be used as a dipping sauce too! A classic French dressing is made up of olive oil, vinegar, pepper and a dash of salt. You can tweak the basic recipe by adding your very own twist! You can add your favorite herbs, cheese or even mustard!

2. Mustard Dressing

A mustard dressing is perfect for hot dogs and sausages as well as bland green salad. The tangy taste of the mustard will complement cured meats very well. A basic mustard dressing is comprised of dry mustard and balsamic vinegar mixed with olive oil, salt and pepper. Because mustard spoils easily, we strongly recommend making small batches of sauces only.

3. Roquefort Dressing

Roquefort dressing is similar to mustard dressing. But instead of mustard, Roquefort cheese gives this sauce its signature tang. The classic Roquefort dressing is very easy to make. You just add Roquefort cheese with vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper. Roquefort dressing can be used as a base for salads or as dipping sauce or dressing.

4. Thousand Island Dressing

Your average Thousand Island dressing isn’t exactly low in calorie (or cholesterol), but used sparingly, it’s a great sauce for poultry and meats! The base of Thousand Island is, of course, mayonnaise, but you can tweak the recipe to spice up this beloved sauce!

5. Hollandaise Dressing

Hollandaise dressing goes well with eggs, artichokes, asparagus and broccoli. The richness of the sauce also complements fish and seafood dishes! Although the base recipe of Hollandaise is simple, making the sauce itself can be tricky. Our advice is to find the right balance of tartness and umami to perfect your very own Hollandaise dressing.

6. Russian Dressing

Russian dressing is one of the oldest, most widely-used sauces in the world. Catherine the Great herself loved this sublime sauce! Russian dressing is very similar to Thousand Island dressing, but the former gets its distinct taste from pimentos and caviar. Russian dressing goes well with seafood and avocados. You can use the sauce to make hors d’oeuvre and canapés richer, more flavorful!

7. Marinara Sauce

Marinara sauce goes well with pasta and rice. It complements veal, poultry and seafood perfectly. This sauce is so versatile, anything goes!

As a sauce, you can mix Marinara sauce to your favorite grains or pasta. You can also serve this sauce with Mozzarella sticks, chicken wings and French fries. Unlike other sauces, Marinara sauces will keep well up to six weeks as long as you stick it in the fridge.

8. Barbeque Sauce

Just like Marinara sauce, barbeque sauce is very versatile. You can use it as a marinade, as a dipping sauce and as basting sauce to meats and poultry. Barbeque sauce complements seafood, beef and pork. The base ingredients of a classic barbeque sauce are vinegar, brown sugar, and mustard spiced up with ground black pepper and onion powder.

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