8 Mistakes That Are Slowing Your Weight Loss

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

2. You skip breakfast

Unless you want to gain weight faster, you should never skip breakfast – or any meal of the day for that matter. People usually have the misconception that if they skipped meals, they would eat fewer calories in a day and lose weight. On the contrary, those who skip meals consume more calories in a day compared to those who ate three meals daily. And there are several studies to prove it.

Researchers from the University of Nottingham found that skipping breakfast results in increased food intake later in the day. Participants of the study were regular breakfast-eaters and were either given cereal or no breakfast at all. Tests show that participants who ate breakfast ate 17 percent less calories during lunchtime compared to those who didn’t eat breakfast at all. Participants who didn’t eat breakfast reported feeling hungrier than they usually do later in the morning prior to breakfast.

One study by scientists at Imperial College London involved 21 healthy, non-obese individuals who skipped breakfast. After skipping breakfast, researchers discovered they craved high calorie foods more than they did healthier options. Among the foods they craved were cake, chocolate, and pizza. But they found healthy foods like fish, vegetables, and salad as unappealing. When the group was given breakfast and given the same taste 90 minutes later, they did not experience the intense cravings they had for high calorie foods. Based on these findings, researchers believe forgoing the most important meal of the day tricks your brain into thinking it wants high calorie foods which would otherwise make you fat.

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