8 Reasons Why Buttermilk is Good for You!

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Buttermilk – also known as chaas – is a dairy drink made from watered down curd. As with most dairy products, buttermilk is extremely high in essential nutrients including calcium. But unlike average dairy products, chaas contain less fat so it’s good for the heart! Want to know more about the nutritional benefits of this soothing drink? Below are 8 reasons why you should drink buttermilk:

1. Soothes an Irritated Stomach

Got an upset stomach? Drink buttermilk instead of taking painkillers! Buttermilk cools the stomach while neutralizing gastric acids. This is an excellent drink for those who love spicy foods. Spicy dishes tend to irritate the stomach lining. A glass of buttermilk effectively relieves stomach pains caused by spicy dishes.

2. Flushes out Fat

Drinking buttermilk is a great way to end an especially fatty meal. The drink washes down the fat that usually coats the inner walls of the stomach and intestines after an oily meal. Buttermilk helps improve digestion and reduces gas buildup after a rich meal. Adding ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper and other spices to the drink also boosts the drink’s ability to improve digestion.

3. Protects from Dehydration

Although we recommend sticking to plain water for dehydration, chaas make a great alternative to plain water. Buttermilk contains salt, curd, water, and spices. All these nutrients keep the body healthy by preventing dehydration. The low salt content of chaas restores lost electrolytes in the system. Curd provides calcium that also rebalances the system’s acid-base level to prevent dehydration. Buttermilk makes a satisfying drink, especially during the summer season.

4. Promotes Stronger Bones

As mentioned earlier in this post, chaas contain a high level of calcium but with less fat compared to milk. That’s because buttermilk contains less lactose, the byproduct of milk. Apart from containing less fat, buttermilk is suitable for people who cannot tolerate lactose too! As long as you don’t add any sweeteners or fattening ingredients, buttermilk is a naturally low-calorie, low-fat drink.

5. Prevents Nutrient Deficiency

Buttermilk promotes health by giving the body a shot of nutrients you might not otherwise get from the food you eat. Chaas is virtually a complete meal in a glass. It’s an excellent source of B vitamins, protein, calcium, and potassium. These nutrients aid in digestion by boosting the body’s ability to turn food to fuel.

6. Lowers High Blood Pressure

An easy way to protect yourself from hypertension is to drink buttermilk regularly. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition reports that the milk fat globule membrane or MFGM in buttermilk is a rich source of bioactive protein. This unique protein lowers high blood pressure while strengthening the arteries. MFGM also contains antiviral, antibacterial, and anticancer properties.

7. Heart-Friendly

Buttermilk is incredibly heart friendly. The same unique protein that lowers high blood pressure also keeps the heart strong by lowering cholesterol in the blood. A study published in the US National Institute of Health website reports that the milk fat globule membrane or MFGM in buttermilk effectively lowers cholesterol level, protecting the body from heart and arterial diseases.

8. Neutralizes Acidity

Buttermilk helps neutralize acids in the stomach. When mixed with grated ginger and pepper, buttermilk becomes even more potent in combating acidity.

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