8 Surprising Health Benefits of Red Wine

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

2. Red wine fights cancer.

Two separate studies by the University of Missouri, School of Medicine have shown that red wine can help in the treatment of certain cancers. In the first study published in 2012, they proved that resveratrol, an antioxidant found in red wine, sensitizes prostate cancer cells so that they are more susceptible to treatment. As a result, patients of prostate cancer have better chances of recovery, even when they suffer from aggressive tumors. A year later, they discovered that red wine also makes melanoma cells more vulnerable to radiation therapy. Not only that, treatment was found to be more effective with the help of resveratrol than performing radiation therapy alone.

Older research has already proven that red wine makes cancer cells more responsive to chemotherapy, a widely used treatment for cancer. The latest studies only add to the surmounting evidence that red wine fights cancer.

How it works: The resveratrol content of red wine destroys body cells that show signs of DNA damage. These cells are more likely to become cancerous than normal, healthy cells. Meanwhile, the ellagic acid present in Muscadine wine or any wine aged in oak prevents the development of cancer cells. Another beneficial element of red wine is quercetin. According to the American Cancer Society, quercetin kills certain cancer cells, namely that of colon cancer.

Health tips: White wine has the same cancer-fighting benefits. That being said, red wine contains more resveratrol because they come from red or purple grapes. You may also want to check which vineyard a red wine comes. Grapes grown in cool, moist climates have higher amounts of resveratrol than those grown in sunny, dry areas.

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