19 Foods Your Dentist Wants You To Avoid

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

2. Sugars and sweets

It’s no secret that your dentist wants you to avoid sugars and sweets. They are the biggest offenders when it comes to dental health as they play a huge role in plaque formation and tooth decay. Sticky candies and sweets such as caramels, lollipops, and candy drops with refined sugar must be avoided if ever you want to keep your teeth in tip-top shape.

Why you should avoid it: Bacteria feeds on sugar. So whenever you eat sweet treats that stick to your teeth, the bacteria have a feast so to speak. They gather around your teeth and form plaque, which grow in size and thickness over time.

Plaque is something that can’t be washed away with water. It’s even resistant to brushing. As long as it’s stuck on your teeth, it produces acids that eat away the protective enamel. Sooner or later you will develop cavities and will have to schedule an appointment with the dentist. Hard candies do more damage because they stay longer in the mouth and result in a concentrated build-up of acids that have a demineralizing effect on your teeth.

How to care for your teeth: Ideally, you should avoid sugars and sweets altogether. But if you’re unable to resist your sweet tooth, you should brush your teeth after indulging in these treats. This will prevent plaque formation and cavities. It would be better to eat sweet foods that don’t stick to teeth and easily clear out of the mouth. You can just drink water after eating them and brush your teeth at a later time.

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