9 Places You Forget to Protect with Sunscreen

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

A little SPF protection can go a long way. Honestly though, you will have to do better than slather sunscreen on your body. Most people don’t get full and total protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, and you’re probably one of them.

Here are 9 places you forget to protect with sunscreen.

1. Scalp

The scalp is like human skin, only it’s on the head. And it’s the most vulnerable part of your body when you’re prancing about in the sun. Just think about it. When you’re out walking or sitting and there’s no shade, which part of your body is exposed to sunlight the most? It isn’t your arms or your back, and it’s definitely not your feet. It’s your head.

Thankfully, hair grows out of the scalp to give you more than just a great hairstyle – it also protects you from heat. It acts as a natural barrier that shields your head and scalp from the damaging UV rays of the sun. The longer your hair is, the better your protection. Long luscious locks can keep sunlight away from your ears, nape, shoulders, and even your back.

Hair doesn’t give complete coverage of the scalp, however. If you sport a shaved hairstyle or don’t have much hair, your scalp is more vulnerable to sun damage. A sunburned scalp should be the least of your worries with threats of melanoma. According to researchers from the University of North Carolina, people with scalp melanoma, a type of skin cancer that affects the scalp, are two times more likely to die than people who develop melanoma anywhere else in the body.

How to protect your scalp: Apply sunscreen on exposed scalp at least 30 minutes before heading out. Reapply as necessary. If you have long hair, opt for a pulled-back ponytail or any hairstyle that completely covers your scalp.

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