A Basic Guide on TRX Workout

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

TRX is an exercise program developed by Navy Seal, Randy Hetrick. The TRX started out as Hetrick’s personal workout routine. He developed it to achieve optimum physical fitness while away on missions. TRX is based on a suspension training system. The exercises are done using a belt and a surplus parachute webbing. The belt and wedding are manipulated using the body weight to tone certain muscle groups.

The great thing about TRX training is you don’t need any gym equipment other than the belt. And if you’re exploring this workout program for the first time, consider our basic tips to master TRX.

Testing the Tools

TRX training requires only two things: the belt and your body weight. When installing the belt, make sure to secure it to minimize injuries. The last thing you want is to hurt yourself in the process of sculpting your body.

Adjusting the Lines

Test the TRX belt out and adjust the lines accordingly. The lines are the two yellow adjustable lines on the belt or webbing. Also, keep the lines aligned so you don’t slip or fall as you perform an exercise.

Increase Resistance

If you’ve reached the advanced level, you want to boost the resistance. You can do that by adjusting your foot placement. When you shift your foot away from the body, the incline will boost resistance. Working out and building resistance torches more calories and add more definition.

Customize Your Routine

The great thing about the TRX system is its versatility. You can develop a variety of workout to target specific areas of the body. This way, you achieve better results.

Add These TRX Workout to Your Routine

Hang Touch

Start by grabbing the stirrup and gradually work the body against gravity. This will increase resistance, build muscles and torch more fat. Slowly lift the whole body up using your arms. Lift the legs until you form an L-shape. This powerful workout will tone virtually all major muscle groups: biceps, triceps, abdominal muscles and the glutes.

Squat & Pull

This is a great exercise for beginners.  Start by holding on to the TRX belt as you squat down. To squat, stand up straight then slowly lower the torso down as if you’re sitting on an invisible chair. Now using your legs and back pull yourself up to the starting position. To intensify the resistance, you can wear a weighted vest.

Body Row

This workout will engage the back muscles. It will improve posture, balance, and coordination. While you keep the feet out in front of the body, pull your body up towards your hands. Keep the back straight. The hands should be under the armpits. Release the tension slowly by going back to the starting position.

To intensify the resistance, put your feet closer to your anchor point. This way, the body’s angle to the ground decreases. This forces the body to pull a higher percentage of your weight. Another variation is to perform this exercise using just one foot instead of both feet planted on the ground.

Low Row

This will increase upper body strength while also sculpting the abdominals. Grab the TRX belt then raise the body by drawing the shoulders back. At this form, you can work out the lats for the V-shape. Then, pull yourself down, while keeping the whole body in a diagonal line. Go back to the starting point by pulling yourself up.

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