A Beginner’s Guide to Pole Dancing

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Pole dancing isn’t just about mastering the art of seduction, it’s a great way to slim down and shape up! It’s a great way to embrace your inner sex vixen while also sculpting the body. In today’s post, we are listing down basic pole dancing moves as well as the health and fitness benefits of this workout:

Basic Pole Dancing Moves

Front and Back Hook Spin

Strut forward around the pole with your inside arm holding the pole. Hook the inside of your left leg around the pole and bring the outside of the arm to the pole. This position is the front hook spin. To perform the back hook spin, hold on the pole with a steady grip. Now, swing the outside left leg backward into a hook. During this movement, pick the inside leg up into the same position. Keep the shoulders straight.

Martini Spin

Slowly walk forward around the pole, and with both hands, hold on to the pole. Now, hook the inside of the left leg around the front of the pole, bringing the outside of the arm to it. The right leg should support your weight by bending parallel to the right thigh. Extend the left leg and keep the toes pointed.

The Stag Spin

Start by walking towards the pole with the inside of your arm holding on to it. Hook the outside of the right leg around the pole, bringing the outside arm to it. Bend the right leg and point the toes, bring in the left leg in, it should be bent backward with the toes pointing towards the backside.

Hollywood Spin

Start by walking towards the pole with the inside of your arm holding on to it. Hold on to the pole with both hands and then hook the right leg in front of the pole. Similar to the Martini spin, extend the outside leg but angle it downward. Point the toes.

Benefits of Pole Dancing

Torches More Calories

Yes, pole dancing will burn a tremendous amount of calories. In fact, pole dancing for 30 minutes will burn off more calories than performing 30 minutes of aerobics and calisthenics. Pole dancing is also an excellent exercise because it combines isometric and cardiovascular exercise in one.

Improves Flexibility

Just like yoga, pole dancing demands flexibility. It promotes smoother joint mobility and improves agility too. If you want to sculpt your body and achieve definition without bulking up, try pole dancing! This workout also minimizes the risk of injuries and muscular stress.

Builds Confidence

All that stretching and strutting do a lot to build self-confidence. Pole dancing will strengthen the muscles, improve flexibility and enhance the curves! It also corrects improper posture and boost confidence.

Releases Stress

If things get a bit overwhelming in the home or office, try pole dancing to release stress. Why get a massage when you can release stress and stay fit by pole dancing? Any type of exercise will release happy hormones. These hormones alleviate stress, uplift the mood and improve emotional health!

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