A Shopping Guide on Kettlebells

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

A kettlebell is a hand-held cast-iron or cast steel weighted fitness tool. It is used to perform ballistic exercises and flexibility training. A regular one-pood kettlebell features a round, solid iron or steel bottom and a curved handle on the top for better grip. Because it is versatile, you can use kettlebells to perform various exercises and target almost all muscle groups. This fitness tool can isolate the upper body, the core, and the legs.

Shopping for a Kettlebell

Finding the perfect kettlebell for you can be quite overwhelming. Kettlebells come in different sizes, weight, and designs. If you are buying a kettlebell for the first time, we recommend purchasing only one. Do not rush and purchase several kettlebells unless you need them. You have to know when is the best time to add heavier kettlebells in your fitness routine.

As far as the minimum weight for a kettlebell goes, women should choose a minimum of 8kilogram or 18 pounds kettle bell. Men should opt for heavier kettlebell, about 16 kilos or 35 pounds minimum. But if you have the budget for it, choose kettlebells in three different weights at 8kg, 12kg, 16kg for women and 16kg, 20kg, 24kg for men.

Despite their size, kettlebells are fairly expensive. A high-quality kettlebell costs under $40 up to $100+++.

Types of Kettle Bell

There are three types of kettlebells, standard, adjustable and pro or competition kettlebell. A standard kettlebell has a solid, reliable shape with a non-adjusting grip. Unlike adjustable kettlebells, standard kettlebells are more affordable. They are perfectly balanced, compact, and there are no moving parts to worry about. This kettlebell is perfect for beginners or those who are building their at-home gym.

On the other hand, an adjustable kettlebell features stackable plates that you can adjust according to your preference. This kettlebell is more expensive than your standard kettlebell because it has the weight values of four different kettlebell sizes. It is like getting four kettlebells for the price of one. This kettle bell is designed for serious training. It makes a great addition to any home gym too.

Pro or competition kettlebells feature hollow steel bodies with standard values. This kettlebell is best for people who want to perform a lot of overhead kettlebell work or those who want to sign up for serious kettlebell training. Pro kettlebells are color coded according to the size.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Kettlebell

Quality: The kettlebell must be made of solid, durable material. When gripped, the kettlebell must feel solid on the hands with no awkwardness.

Price: Adjustable kettlebells are more expensive but it can be adjusted to different weights. Standard kettlebells are efficient workout equipment. They are also affordable.

Grip: The best kettlebell must feel solid when gripped. The size of the grip and the feel of it must be comfortable for sustained use.

Why Get a Kettle Bell?

A kettle bell makes a great alternative to more expensive gym machines and equipment. Apart from its compact size and versatility, you can use the kettle bell to perform a whole body workout. With a kettle bell in your home gym, you can perform a range of exercises including ab work out, weight training, and even cardio exercise.

Do not let the diminutive size of the kettlebells fool you. This efficient workout tool will complement all the other fitness machines you have at home.

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