A Skinny Guy’s Guide to Bodybuilding

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

While most people worry about being soft around the middle, skinny men tend to struggle with increasing muscle mass. Skinny people tend to have very lean muscles, smaller bones and very little body fat. As such, naturally lanky men have to play by different rules to sculpt their bodies. And most times, the plan isn’t focused on training at all but diet and supplements. In today’s post, we are giving you a basic guide to achieving a sculpted body you want to show off:

Increase Servings

Whatever it is that you are currently eating, you have to eat double the amount of your usual serving. For example, if you eat one steamed chicken breast per meal, eat two chicken breasts. If you eat a handful of nuts, wolf down two handfuls from now on. The idea here is to give the body enough protein to double in size. When you’re skinny, you don’t have a lot of muscles to work on. So you need to develop muscles first before you train the body.

Spread Your Meals in a Day

Increase the servings and the number of times you eat per day. If you eat three square meals per day, start spreading your food around. You should eat every two to three hours. Eating nutritious foods every two hours floods the body with nutrients to grow big, beautiful muscles. Sure, you will gain weight if you start eating often but that’s the goal.

Make sure you turn to nutrient-dense foods. Avoid foods that contain empty calories or foods with very little nutritional value. These foods will only make you feel sluggish and fat. Load up on complex carbohydrates, lean protein, as well as vitamin, mineral and fiber rich foods!

Cardio Training

If you’re thinking about ditching cardio training because it defeats the purpose of increasing muscle mass, don’t. Cardio workout is a critical part of your fitness program. It serves two primary purpose. One, it increases appetite, allowing you to eat more food than you normally would. And two, cardio exercises keep the heart and lungs healthy and strong. There’s just no way to survive hard training with weak lungs or heart. If you want to endure all that intensive training to achieve the body of your dreams, the heart and lungs should perform at their peak.

Supplements and Vitamins

It’s not enough to increase your appetite and meal hours, you have to take protein and vitamin supplements too. We recommend taking creatine supplements to increase muscle mass rapidly. Don’t forget to take protein shakes in place of mid-meal snacks. Snack on nuts and seeds too. Nuts and seeds contain quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are instrumental in achieving a hard, muscular body.

Meet Your Caloric Requirements

If you’re finding it hard to complete your caloric requirement, snack on protein bars, complex carbs and protein rich foods. These foods might have added sugars or extra fat, but the goal is to meet your caloric needs. You want to have enough fuel to burn when you start training. Sugars and fat are fairly easy to burn once you start bodybuilding.

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