A Step By Step Guide to Dyeing Your Hair Platinum Blonde at Home

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Platinum blond hair is having a moment right now thanks to Kim K. and Jared Leto who dyed their stresses white last season. Unlike other hair color, platinum hair is extremely hard to achieve. It requires a certain level of skill and maintenance to keep it looking perfect.

Usually, one has to go to a salon in order to dye the hair white. But this can be done at home too. As long as you take the necessary precautions, you can achieve the same hair color Madonna and Christina Aguilera are known for. Note: In order to dye your hair properly, you should have basic understanding of bleaching and how toning works.

Prepping the Hair

You just can’t slather hair dye and expect a platinum ‘do. You have to pre-lighten the hair first to make the platinum color show through. First, you have to bleach your hair. Bleach it until the hair is light enough to be toned. We recommend lightening the hair to a pale yellow for best results. Anything darker will result in silver hair, not white.

Bleaching can damage the hair so make sure you condition your hair thoroughly. Always pay attention to the state of your hair as you bleach to keep it healthy.

Prepare the bleach according to instructions. Always use high-quality bleach to lighten hair more effectively. Quality bleach will also cause less damage. Once you’ve mixed the dyes together, divide the hair by section and apply. You can section the hair in four and clip certain sections. Apply the bleach as close to the roots as you can. Finally, leave the bleach to process for at least 40 minutes. You want to check your roots to see the level of lightness too. If you removed the bleach too soon, you will have to do the whole thing again but do so after a week of rest. The hair needs to recover from bleaching.

Once you’ve achieved the right level of lightness, rinse the bleach out, shampoo your hair then finish off with a protein treatment. This will bring moisture back to the hair.

Toning the Bleached Hair

Bleaching the hair to a pale yellow is the hardest part of dyeing the hair platinum. At this point, toning will be a breeze. First, apply a pale violet shade of dye. According to the color wheel, violet will cancel out the pale yellow pigment. This will allow the platinum shade to show through. You can use either semi-permanent or demi-permanent dye.

Now, make sure to apply the violet dye very quickly. Then, leave the hair to develop until it reaches a silvery white shade. Rinse the hair immediately once you achieved the right color. If you rinse too late, you might end up with an ashy hair color instead of white.

Once the hair is white, you want to make the color last. White hair is notoriously hard to maintain in its exact shade. You want to reduce the color loss during washing. We recommend using a violet-colored shampoo to maintain the whiteness of the hair. You can also use any shampoo made specifically for color-treated hair.

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