Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse Pros and Cons

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Acai berry is having a moment right now for its high levels of antioxidants and detoxifying properties. Acai is a type of berry that belongs to the palm tree family. It’s cultivated mostly for its fruits and hearts of palm. The acai palm trees are native to Central and South America.

Acai berries are similar in appearance to a grape but the former has less pulp. Clinical tests show that acai berry contains essential fatty acids such as oleic acid, palmitic acid, and linoleic acid. Perhaps one of the most important compounds found in acai berry is anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is an anti-cancer compound that protects the body from cell damage.

Over the years, Acai berry has become a typical health food ingredient to treat various diseases including diabetes, obesity, and even cancer. The berries also became a star ingredient in colon cleanses for its detoxifying properties.

Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse Benefits

It May Prevent Colon Cancer

Acai berries are packed with high levels of phytochemicals and anthocyan. Taken as supplements, it could help reverse the signs of aging, protect the body from free radicals, and even prevent cancer. As a colon cleanse, acai berry does help normalize digestive functions and flush out toxins from the body. The anti-cancer compounds that occur naturally in acai berries could prevent colon cancer.

Improve Body Functions

Because toxins from the body are expelled as waste, the body is able to refocus its energies on functions that matter such as circulation, digestions, etc. Dieters who took acai berry cleanse claim that after taking the supplements and cleansing their colon, they felt a remarkable improvement in their energy level and mental alertness; they are able to achieve deeper, more restful sleep.

It Could Hasten Weight Loss

One of the reasons why acai has become so popular among dieters is that it could aid in weight loss or— at the very least—help people maintain their weight goal. According to one study conducted by the National Institutes of Aging, acai berry pulp contains compounds that reverse the effect of high-fat diet!

Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse Drawbacks


Although colon cleansing does help keep the body healthy by flushing out toxins as waste, it does have several drawbacks. For one thing, it could increase your risk of dehydration. Colon cleanses tend to disrupt the digestive function in the body causing loose bowel. If you’re planning to do a colon cleanse, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated.

Changes in Electrolytes Level

Sudden changes in electrolytes levels in the body could lead to serious conditions including kidney disease, brain swelling, and heart disease. To prevent sudden changes in the electrolytes levels in the body, make sure you keep yourself hydrated when doing a colon cleanse and eat balanced meals.

Before doing colon cleanses of any kind, it’s important to know the risks. Colon cleanses are typically reserved for those who’s about to go through a medical procedure and is not recommended for detoxification. We recommend talking to your doctor to determine whether you are fit to do colon cleansing or not.

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