Addressing Skin issues with Olive Oil

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Perhaps one of the healthiest, most nutrient-dense oils out there is olive oil. Olive oil is made from crushed olives. During processing, olive oil is categorized between extra virgin and olive oil. Extra virgin is often used as salad dressing while olive oil is used in cooking.

Of the two oils, extra virgin olive oil is one of the best anti-aging skin moisturizers. For one thing, it’s loaded with essential nutrients and natural fatty acids. Extra virgin olive oil is also ideal for sensitive skin. Best of all, the oil is rich in antioxidants. It delays the signs of aging, prevents hyperpigmentation and protects from further damage. Curious about using extra virgin olive oil to address certain skin issues? In today’s post, we are listing down common skin issues you can resolve with a little dab of extra virgin olive oil!

Dry Skin

Plagued by flaky dry skin? Sounds like you need a heavy duty moisturizer that will rejuvenate the skin and restore suppleness. Extra virgin olive oil happens to be the best moisturizer around. You can use it on the face and the body. Use olive oil to soften the heels and elbows, remove calluses or corn, this oil does it all. Apply topically or orally, you will get the same results: glowy hydrated skin.

Legendary Italian actress, Sophia Loren said olive oil is her beauty secret. Reportedly, she would always add several drops of olive oil to her bath water to keep her skin smooth and hydrated.

Irritated, Acne-Prone Skin

Are you prone to acne? Is your skin sensitive to certain types of skin care products? Go all natural with extra virgin olive oil! Extra virgin olive oil works just as great as any store-bought moisturizers out there. Just a couple of dabs every night is all you need to keep the skin clear and hydrated. We recommend applying at night after cleansing.

Olive oil contains antiviral and antibacterial properties. It will protect the skin from infections, inflammation, and irritation. Plus, it’s so mild you can use it every day!

Aging Skin

Wrinkles are inevitable, but you can delay signs of it. Minimize the appearance of deep creases around the eyes, mouth or on the forehead with extra virgin olive oil. Again, we recommend applying olive oil at night right before you sleep. On clean fingers, add several drops and massage on the skin in gentle, upward motion (never downward). Massaging the skin boosts elasticity and improves blood circulation. The antioxidants in olive oil will repair damaged skin cells as well as protect from photo-aging and sun damage.

Crow’s Feet

The skin around the eyes is the most sensitive part of your body. That’s why it’s important to protect it from everyday stress and damage. With extra virgin olive oil, you never have to use an expensive eye cream ever again!

Olive oil contains restorative ingredients that smooth out wrinkles and fill up fine lines. It will hydrate the skin and nourish it from within! Gently dab extra virgin olive oil under the eyes before sleeping. You can also dab the oil to prep the eyes for makeup, just make sure to spread thinly to prevent creasing.  Apply generously around the mouth too to prevent laugh lines!

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