Airbrushing: Factors to Consider Before a DIY Body Pain Job

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Body painting is a form of art that turns the whole body into a canvas. A hand-held airbrushing nozzle sprays a fine mist of paint to cover the skin with body paint. Airbrushing is applied in a wide range of purposes including editorial shoots, bridal makeup, movie shoots, theater, and special effects.

Because creating stunning works of art using the body requires technical skills and a keen eye for details, you need to have the right training and the right tool to complete the job. In today’s post, we are listing down important tips and factors you have to consider before conducting a body paint job:


You just cannot paint another person’s body without proper training. Although the ink washes off easily, it takes a certain level of skill and precision to control the ink and the airbrushing machine too. And you need proper training for that. If you have no proper training in airbrushing, we strongly recommend enrolling to a professional training course.

During your training, you will learn what types of ink to use on specific body parts, how to control the airbrushing tool and techniques to make every job a standout. A professional training also helps if you want to turn airbrushing into a business.

Using the Right Product

Of course, a legit make-up artist should have the right tools to tackle different assignments. You need to research the best products to use and build your own kit. If you want to be a professional makeup artist with a niche in body painting, you need to get high-quality products that are safe for the skin. You want body paint that do not irritate the skin, retains their vividness for hours on end and are easy to remove.

To create beautiful gradients and nuanced layers of colors, you have to get different inks in the same color family. Apart from body paint, invest on sponges, brushes, and makeup brushes in different sizes.

Airbrush Body Kit

You simply cannot start a body painting business without an airbrush body kit! The kit contains a compressor hooked on a hand-held airbrush “pen.” The tip of the pen disperses a fine mist of body paint. Airbrush body kits come in different sizes and features.

Because an airbrush body kit isn’t exactly cheap, you need to do a lot of digging around to determine the best model and brand for your needs. We suggest going online and checking different models. Compare no less than 5 brands and check what features you need. Read reviews and tips from users via message boards and online forums.

Practice Makes Perfect

It pays to study the assignment to ensure a job well done. When you commit to a certain project, practice body painting as often as you can. So by the time the project starts, you know exactly how to work the machine, how to manipulate the airbrushing pen and create amazing artworks.

After finishing the project, do not forget to take pictures and gather testimonials from clients. All these will be added to your portfolio.

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