All Natural Ways to Treat Acid Reflux

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Gastro-esophageal reflux disease or GERD is a chronic disorder caused by stomach acids backing up into the esophagus. Usually, the lower esophageal sphincter keeps the stomach acids from flowing back up into the throat. When the lower esophageal sphincter relaxes suddenly, gastric juice will shoot up. This causes an unpleasant sensation in the throat and chest area called heartburn.

Long term effects of GERD includes tissue damage, ulcers, and other serious medical issues. This condition has no known cause or cure. Some experts believe it is hereditary. But certain types of foods could trigger GERD. To minimize an attack, consider adding these foods to your diet:


GERD is sometimes triggered by excessive stomach gas. The cause of excessive stomach gas and juices could be disrupted gut flora. The digestive tract has millions of good and bad bacteria. But when there’s an overgrowth of bad bacteria, the delicate balance between harmful and beneficial microbes is disturbed. This leads to digestive problems, including GERD. Consuming foods with probiotics helps restore the balance back in the gut. Yogurt and kefir contain Lactobacillus, a variety of beneficial bacteria. To achieve better digestive health, you have to take supplements with at least 5 to 10 billion colonies forming units of Lactobacillus per day!


Most antacids contain calcium because it’s an alkaline mineral. Calcium helps neutralize stomach acids and minimize the production of gas. Milk is a great treatment for eliminating stomach acid buildup. By drinking milk, you prevent an occurrence of acid reflux. It could also restore the pH of the body and eliminate acidity outside the stomach walls.

Chamomile Tea

Herbal teas like chamomile contain soothing compounds that neutralize stomach acid. It also prevents the production of more acid in the gut. Ideally, you want to drink lukewarm chamomile tea as opposed to hot tea. Drinking hot tea could worsen the symptoms.

Apple and Apple Cider Vinegar

All types of apple products could treat GERD. While apples are acidic, they will neutralize stomach acids. Apples also contain important enzymes that heal the stomach and body. To achieve better results, always use organic apple products. Chemicals from pesticides could worsen your condition.

Avoiding Triggers

Certain types of foods trigger acid reflux. By identifying and eliminating them from your diet, you avoid another painful attack. Start by avoiding all types of caffeinated drinks – including coffee and energy drinks. Alcoholic beverages are the worst offenders.

Avoid fried, greasy foods too. Certain types of fruits and sweets could also trigger GERD. Spicy foods also cause acid reflux. In some cases, eating smaller portions help prevent heartburn too.

If you can keep a food diary, do so. This will make it easier to track the foods you eat. It will also clue you in on foods that trigger acid reflux or heartburn.

In addition, do not lie down after eating. This could cause stomach acids to shoot up your throat. Wait for at least 45 minutes after eating to lie down. Consequently, eat dinner three to four hours before bedtime. This helps prevent night-time acid reflux symptoms.

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