Amazing Facts About Coffee Worth Knowing

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Coffee is without a doubt, the most popular brewed drink in the world. Coffee is made with roasted coffee beans of the coffea plant, which is native to Africa and Southeast Asia. The drink is high in caffeine, a stimulant that boosts mental alertness and enhances performance. Millions of gallons of coffee are drunk every day since it was discovered hundreds of years ago. If you love coffee and would like to know more about this drink, check out these amazing trivia:

Discovered though Dancing Goats

Nothing like a cuppa joe to banish fogginess in the morning! That’s exactly what an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi discovered when he observed the behavior of his goats after eating coffee berries. According to historians, coffee was discovered when the herder saw how his goats started exhibiting strange behavior after eating coffee cherries. The goats were so energized, they were practically dancing! Kaldi tried the berry himself and it wasn’t long before he joined his goats to a dance!

Coffee was Chewed

Most people take their coffee in a cup, dissolved and sweetened but this was not always the preferred consumption of coffee. According to historians, the first people to consume coffee did so by grinding the berries together to make little edible balls. African tribes would keep these balls and pop them in the mouth whenever they need a boost of energy. It was only in 1000 CE that coffee beans were processed into a drink.

Coffee was Banned in Some Regions

Not everyone was a fan of coffee drinking. In fact, some governments in the 18th century were trying to outlaw coffee drinking, believing that the beverage promotes radical thinking. Certain parts of the world even outlawed coffee, cups, saucers, and other things used to make the drink in the late 1700s!

Finland is Addicted to Coffee

The country with the highest number of coffee drinkers is Finland. Although the country does not produce its own coffee, Finland imports coffee from all over the world. Finnish people are so addicted to coffee that average drinkers consume three times the amount of coffee than Americans. Apart from Finland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and the Netherlands are big coffee drinkers too!

Instant Coffee was Invented 250 Years Ago

If you think instant coffee is a recent discovery, think again. The first instant coffee was invented in 1771 in England. Over the years, different ways to create instant coffee was developed. In 1910, the first mass-produced instant coffee as developed and patented in the US.

Popular Cats Love Coffee

Strange enough, some cats took a liking for coffee. The record-holding oldest cat called Crème Puff lived a mind-bending 38 years and three days old. The secret to Crème Puff’s longevity is her diet. Every morning, her human feeds her a cup of coffee, and a serving of bacon, eggs, and broccoli. If you think Crème Puff’s diet and longevity are just a coincidence, think again. Crème Puff’s human owned the second longest living cat on record, named Grandpa Rex Allen. Just like Crème Puff, Grandpa Rex Allen loved coffee and bacon. Both cats were fed the same exact diet.

The Most Expensive Coffee in the World

Asian civets make the most expensive coffee in the world. Asian civets nosh on the juiciest coffee berries they could find. The seeds remain undigested but fermented in the civet’s gut. The animal then excretes these seeds, which are collected by coffee farmers. The excreted seeds are then cleaned very well, processed carefully, packed and slapped with a $600 price tag.

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