Are Mini Trampolines Safe to Use When Working Out?

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Trampolines are fun to jump with but mini-trampolines on the other hand, are even better. Mini-trampolines are also known as rebounders and are one of the best ways to use when working out. According to research, jumping on a trampoline is even more effective than working out. It also provides the workout you need to build muscles, burn calories and at the same time strengthens the cardiovascular system. It also helps in toning muscles while working out. It has been reported that about 200 calories are burned when working out on a mini-trampoline for an hour or more.

Using a mini trampoline can be done in several ways. This will also depend on the kind of exercise you want to do. You can bounce, jog, run or do seated exercises with this equipment. You can also use handheld weights while being on the trampoline. Studies show that it helps increase the heart rates and body’s oxygen when handheld weights are involve in your workout.

How to exercise on a mini-trampoline

The first thing that you need to do is to bounce lightly on the trampoline. If it’s your first time to use a trampoline, it’s best to start bouncing lightly until you can find your rhythm and pace. Start at the center on the trampoline and bounce lightly for a good five minutes. Bend your legs and slightly raise your knees as you jog. Make sure to jump in one place for about a minute before you decide on doing other motions. Be sure to bounce with both of your feet too. This way you can control how you land. Begin to raise your knees higher and slowly but surely increase the height as you set up the pace. As you are jogging, jumping or running on the trampoline, add your handheld weights. Lift the weight in front, to the side or above your head as you bounce. Do some shoulder presses and bicep curls too; it will make your workout even more effective. If this is difficult to do, simple hand and arm movements can do the trick.

Safety Issues

The use of mini-trampolines in exercising has been a topic of many people. Some are concerned if they are safe to use or not. The answer would be yes; yes because they are smaller compared to huge trampolines and you can control them easier. Since they are small, it’s easy to keep them compared to a big trampoline that needs a lot of effort to fold and store. There are also mini-trampolines that are designed with handles so you can control your workout and pace without worrying of falling off the trampoline.

Of course, before working out, make sure that you are dressed properly. Wear tennis shoes or any footwear with grips when you are using this trampoline so you can avoid injuries in the future. Always make sure that the mini-trampoline is placed on a flat surface. Bouncing off at an uneven angle can only result to foot injuries and other unwanted accidents. Make sure to ask the advice of your trainer or friends who are already using the product so you know what to do in case you do decide on getting a mini-trampoline.

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