Are Sugar-Free Candies Healthy?

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Almost all types of candies on the market right now have sugar-free alternatives. This helps those who are addicted to sweets enjoy their favorite candies without consuming high levels of sugar. As you know, elevated sugar in the blood could cause various types of diseases ranging from obesity to diabetes — as well as heart disease and cancer.

Sugar-free eating helps cut down the risks of developing health problems associated with consuming sugar-laden foods, including traditionally prepared candies.

Benefits of Sugar-Free Eating

Promotes Normal Immune System Function

Sugar robs the body of nutrients needed to keep the metabolism going. This leads to the development of nutrient deficiencies such as anemia, osteoporosis, and some immune deficiencies.

Sugar disrupts the normal functions of the immune system. It also inhibits the release of growth hormones because the insulin level in the body spikes up. However, if you cut back on sugar and turn to sugar-free eating, you lower the risk of disrupting normal immune system functions — this leads to a stronger immune system.

Curbs Cravings

If you’re addicted to sugar, chances are, you can’t go through the day without eating candies. This unhealthy habit may lead to various ailments including diabetes and obesity. Habitual eating of calorific food not only leads to weight gain, it could also cause inflammation and a weaker digestive system.

If you must eat sweets, turning to sugar-free alternatives may help curb cravings and lower the blood sugar level in the body. However, we suggest you try to balance out your diet and keep a tight grip on your sugar addiction to keep the body healthy. Exercise self-control and manage your portions, including the amount of candies you eat every day.

Boosts Energy

Excessive consumption of sugar might make kids hyperactive but for adults, it slows them down. After eating candy, the blood sugar level in the body spikes. The brain will trigger the release of insulin and tryptophan. Tryptophan is a compound that converts to serotonin, a hormone that will elevate your mood but will also slow you down.

If you don’t eat food that contains excessive amounts of sugar, the body works at its best and you won’t feel tired or sluggish. You won’t feel the urge to get one sugar fix after another just to maintain your energy.

Enhances Mental Clarity

Clinical researches conclude that sugar may contribute to inability to concentrate and memory loss. Too much sugar in the system may also lead to mood swings and anxiety. This is likely caused by inflammation caused by too much sugar. The inflammation results in disturbances in the brain’s chemistry. Eating sugar-free alternatives helps minimize the risk of inflammation that could disrupt normal brain function while also enhances mental clarity and alertness.

Maintains Your Weight

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of eating sugar-free sweets is that you don’t gain as much weight. Cutting back on sugar helps normalize weight. If you’re eating more than you could manage to burn, the body will convert excess sugar as fat and store it rather than burn it. This leads to a bloated belly and higher percentage of fat versus lean muscles in the body.

Although sugar-free alternatives are deemed as the healthier choice to traditional sweets, do know that certain types of sugar-free products contain sweeteners made from harmful chemicals. We suggest you consult a health expert to determine which types of sweeteners are the real healthy alternatives to refined sugar.

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