At Home Activities that Torch Calories

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Studies show that the secret to faster weight loss is regular exercise! It is no secret that certain day-to-day activities burn off a lot of fat. If you want to keep your physique in tip-top shape without committing to a rigorous fitness routine, consider these fat-burning daily activities:

Mow the Lawn

Mowing the lawn is an excellent cardio and strength training exercise. You walk all over the yard while pushing the lawn mower, which tone the upper and lower body. The longer you mow the lawn, the greater the calorie-burning possibility of the activity! So the next time the yard needs to be mowed, do not let the kids handle the chore. Do it yourself and you could be burning 300 calories or more in just 30 minutes! Want to burn off even more calories? Rake the dry leaves before mowing the lawn.


Spending a day in the garden or yard presents a lot of calorie-burning opportunities! Tending to the garden requires squatting, lifting, digging around dirt or weeding. All these activities burn anywhere between 200 and 300 calories! You can also burn more if you do bits of landscaping. Carrying potted flowers, plants, as well as caring for your vegetables will take your at-home workout to a different level!

Apart from burning fat, gardening is quite relaxing too. Studies show that regular gardening lowers blood pressure and cholesterol level. Tending to your garden cuts the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and bone problems. We recommend spending a whole afternoon tending to the garden.

Playing with your Pet

A day spent with your beloved pet is one way to burn off calories! Even better, bonding with your dog or cat lowers the animal’s stress levels too! Dogs, in particular, require regular exercise to stay healthy. Playing catch with your dog is a great way to break a sweat. You can play with your pet during the day or night. Take the dog out for a nice, long walk or take him jogging. You can also head to the nearby park to play fetch. Playing with your pet improves mood, alleviate stress, and lower blood pressure.

Vacuuming the Living Room

Vacuuming the living room is similar to mowing the lawn. The vacuum is not exactly light so it provides resistance as it is being pushed. And all the pushing and pulling will tone the arms and the walking and bending strengthens the legs and back! Spend the afternoon cleaning the entire living room from top to bottom. You should work up a good sweat.

Rearranging the Furniture

Want to give your living space an update but you do not have the budget for renovations? Try rearranging the furniture instead. Rearranging the furniture is a great way to stay fit too! Carrying the furniture, bending and squatting will tone the upper body and the glutes. These activities will also strengthen the arms and legs, torching a lot of calories at the same time!

Playing with the Kids

Spend the whole day with the kids and you will lose weight gradually! We all know how little kids will wear out even the fittest grownups. We recommend playing tag, skipping rope, or go hula hooping with the kiddos to tone the whole body.

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