At-Home Cardio Machine Buying Tips

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Gym machines do not come cheap so it’s important to make an informed decision! Cardio machines come in various shapes, sizes, forms and price points. You have to consider all these factors before investing on a machine. To help narrow down your options, check out our cardio machine buying tips:

Do Your Research

To start your research, we suggest poring over important information that’s relevant to certain machines you have in mind. This way, you will understand the pros and cons of a certain machine, find out if they suit your needs and if you are making the right choice. For example, some cardio machines are not kind on the back. If you have back problems, you have to avoid these machines. The same thing goes to retailers, some are better than others. Don’t just choose a machine (or a retailer) blindly and regret your decision later on. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on cardio machines that you cannot maximize!

We recommend checking various online forums or messenger boards to get an idea which cardio equipment is the right one for you. Compare rates from various shops to get the best possible deals too!

Where to Buy

You can get cardio machines from three sources: online stores, big-box retailers, and specialty shops. If you have specific equipment in mind and you’re looking for competitive prices, we suggest getting the machine at a reputable online retailer. But we suggest test driving the product at a physical store first before making any online purchase.

If you’re looking for a hardcore, heavy-duty cardio machines with various levels of quality, then head to big-box retailers instead. Most big-box retailers offer a diverse selection of products to choose from. Plus, you’ll enjoy quality customer service and after-purchase service too.

Specialty shops are often manned by factory representatives with a background in fitness. So, you’re confident that the sales rep is knowledgeable. You can always get recommendations and suggestions so you’ll get the kind of machine that truly suit your needs. Most specialty stores offer free delivery and assembly so you can expect higher level of service.


Buying at-home gym equipment isn’t just about the specs; they should fit your at-home gym too. Don’t make the mistake of buying large gym equipment without measuring your living space first. You don’t want to waste hundreds of dollars on a machine that can’t even fit through your door!

It’s also worth checking what size suits your need the best. Don’t go for heavy-duty machines when you only plan to exercise once a week. Conversely, don’t get light, frail machines if you plan to work out four or five times per week. You have to get machines that you can maximize.


The best cardio machines don’t necessarily carry the best warranties and vice versa. Why? The fitness industry is notorious for its blazing innovations. If a warranty is too long, you will be left with an outdated product. Also, fitness manufacturers come and go. There’s no guarantee that a specific brand of fitness machine will stick around long enough to honor the warranty.

Make sure you get a cardio machine from a trusted retailer. Look for a retailer that offers a customer-satisfaction guarantee, free repairs and other incentives. As for the warranty, check the history of the manufacturer first. Go for established companies that will stick long enough to honor the warranty.

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