Audrey Hepburn’s Diet and Beauty Secrets

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

More than her enduring beauty and fashion sense, Audrey Hepburn is known for her perpetually slim figure. Considered as a style icon and an advocate of healthy living, Hepburn was able to maintain her weight at 110 pounds despite being a lover of pasta and chocolates. She also abhorred exercising, but loved walking.

Her enviable figure became a fodder for rumors too. Rumors of eating disorder hounded her career, but she denied it. She insisted that her figure was a result of healthy eating. How was she able to maintain her tiny 110 lbs. frame? In today’s post, we are dishing out Audrey Hepburn’s diet and beauty secrets:

Fresh Fruits and Water

Hepburn made it a point to start the day by drinking more water followed closely by a simple breakfast. According to a former aide, she loved fresh fruits. Her breakfast always consisted of fresh fruits and not much else. During lunch and dinner, she would nosh on soups and salads. She preferred to end her meal with a little sweet treat, like a square of dark chocolate.

Smaller Portions

Ms. Hepburn was known to stick to one diet rule: controlled portion. She loved her pasta and chocolates but made it a point to consume these fattening foods in mini portions. The same thing goes for proteins like fish or chicken. By controlling the portions, she felt fuller.

Spreading the Meals

Apart from controlling the portions, Ms. Hepburn made it a habit to spread her meals over the complete day. By spreading her meals little by little, she felt less hungry. She continuously spread her meals until her hunger pangs go away. This in turn gave her satisfaction from eating smaller portions of food.

Zero Fried Foods

Ms. Hepburn loved savory dishes, but she drew the line on fried foods. She also abstained from cheese. Fried foods are often fatty. Regular consumption of fried foods leads to heart disease. Being a smart eater, Ms. Hepburn knew very well that indulging on unhealthy foods would ruin her iconic figure.

Brushing 5 Times Per Day

This is perhaps one of Ms. Hepburn’s stranger habits. She would brush her teeth a minimum of five times per day. She believed that apart from eliminating oral bacteria, brushing kept her sweet cravings at bay. Also, she does not nap immediately after a meal. Instead of resting, she would go for a leisurely 30-minute stroll.

Living in Famine

Ms. Hepburn lived in Nazi-occupied Holland, where she survived famine, among other tragedies. As a child, she lived off on tulips and green bread. This opened her eyes to the value of food. She hated wasting food. She eliminated waste by eating smaller meals.

Colorful Foods

Part of her motivation to eat healthily is to utilize colorful foods to make dishes more appealing. She theorized that eating a full plate of white isn’t very good for the health. She made an effort to inject colorful fruits and vegetables to her meals. She also loved to cook for her family and stuck to this habit.

Simple Desserts

Although she was a stickler for smaller meals, she loved her sweets. She rarely indulged in desserts except chocolates. But every now and then, she allowed herself to eat a scoop of vanilla ice cream with maple syrup.

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