Avoiding Obesity and Boosting Your Weight Loss Potential Right NOW

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Millions of people die from diseases associated with obesity each year. The fight to lose weight may be a struggle for most people but there are many ways to slim down and achieve a healthy body. In today’s post, we are listing down painless ways to maintain a normal weight:

Learn to Say “NO”

“Would you like a bite of my cupcake?,” “Would you like to order desserts?,” “Do we order extra sides?” You don’t have to say yes to questions that will only lead to more food being eaten. Instead of wolfing down on food blindly, eat based on what your body feels. Plan your meals to control your caloric consumption. If you are exceeding your caloric consumption, put your foot down and say no. Never let others tell you what to eat.

Go Organic

If you’ve always wanted to try an all-organic diet, now’s the best time to do it. Studies show that daily meals loaded with organic fruits and vegetables increase a person’s weight loss potential. You want to cut back on processed foods and stick to whole foods! Unlike processed foods, whole foods are packed with essential nutrients minus the excessive calories, sodium, trans fat, and saturated fat! If you don’t like eating whole vegetables, we recommend giving juicing a try!

Regular Exercise

You cannot achieve a healthy body without working out regularly. The key is to do bits of exercises you enjoy. For instance, if you like spending extra time outdoors, jogging, brisk walking, and running make a great workout. These cardio exercises will torch calories and keep the cardiovascular system healthy! On the other hand, if you’d rather work out at home, you can always do aerobic exercises, Zumba, and yoga to stay fit!

Avoid Emotional Eating

Do you turn to food to cope with an emotional or stressful situation? Never eat your feelings! Constant binging could quickly escalate to rapid weight gain or worse, insulin-related illnesses. Instead of using food as an emotional crutch, find ways to deal with stress the healthy way.

You might not be in the mood to work out when you are feeling down but exercising is proven effective in alleviating mood! Working out releases endorphins that uplift the mood and curb the risk of depression. You can also do yoga, get a massage, or do breathing exercises to calm the nerves.

Do not Deprive Yourself

Most people overeat because they are depriving themselves with a strict, hard to stick to diet programs. Eventually, all the sneaking around and chowing down on high-calorie foods will render any diet program useless.

Our advice is to not jump right into any trendy diet program. Instead, find out what program works for you. Diet programs are not made to fit all people. Our bodies respond to certain diet programs differently. Once you find a diet program that works for you, commit to it. That’s the only way to lose weight without depriving yourself.

Avoid High Sugar Foods

Certain types of foods, including fruits and starchy foods, may cause a spike in your blood sugar level, wreaking havoc to your appetite. You want to avoid foods that are high in fructose and simple carbs. These foods include refined grains, certain fruits, and processed foods. Cutting back on high sugar foods ensures a stable blood sugar level.

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