Basic Cross Fit Equipment to Help You Get in Shape

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Cross fit training is a fitness program that combines different types of exercises — including high-intensity interval training with weight lifting, power lifting, gymnastics, etc., into one workout. Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenna developed the program in 2000. Cross fit training is marketed as a physical exercise philosophy as well as competitive fitness sport.

It takes a lot of commitment and patience before you see results in most types of fitness programs. However, if you lead a busy lifestyle and you have no time to enroll in a cross fit program, then you can build your own gym at home and workout when time permits. Because cross fit training requires a combination of different exercises, you will need different gym equipment to get started. Below are basic cross fit equipment to get:

Stability Ball

This could be the most basic of all gym equipment. The stability ball is a versatile fitness tool that can tone targeted muscle groups and strengthen the core. You can do a variety of crunches, sit-ups, and other routines using the stability ball. And as the name implies, the stability ball will help you improve stability because it engages the core muscle groups as you sit on it. Having a stability ball is a great start for your at-home gym.


Cardio is an important element in any exercise routine, particularly for cross fit training. You want to keep the heart rate up to prep the body for an otherwise intense body workout. A treadmill is a great addition to any at-home gym. It helps simulates natural walking, brisk walking, and running motions without leaving the comfort of your own home! The treadmill not only helps you break out a sweat, it also helps tone the muscles in the leg area.

Free Weights

Free weights help tone the arms and develop upper body strength. Having several free weights helps you achieve a toner frame. It also gives you the ability to adjust the weight according to your preference. Regardless whether you want to tone your upper body or other parts of your body, cross fit training is never complete without free weights!


If the traditional treadmill won’t do, you will need a more advanced cardio equipment to help build stamina and endurance. Elliptical are definitely not for the faint of heart. But cross fit training will help intensify body power and muscle strength; soon you’ll have no problems working on an elliptical to keep your heart rate up. Unlike treadmills that offer a flat surface to walk or run on, you will use pedals to simulate walking or running. You can adjust the incline to simulate an inclined terrain and even adjust the stride and resistance to tone the leg muscles.

Also, unlike treadmills, ellipticals are kinder on the knees and feet because it’s virtually a zero-impact exercise machine. This minimizes impact injuries and cuts the pressure to the joints.

Squat Stands

Of course, you need to tone your buttocks as well to achieve a slimmer, tighter silhouette. Squat stands targets the major muscle groups in the legs, calves, and quad muscles. It also helps strengthen the back. It can burn off more fat and build muscles in the shortest amount of time and effort! So make sure your at-home or in-garage gym includes squat stands.

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